This Is Amazon’s Best-Selling Hand Sanitizer — and You Can Get a 6-Pack for $27

Buy It! Suave Hand Sanitizer, Pack of 6, $26.94;

The sanitizer is still racking up reviews, but 69 percent of users have already left it a five-star review.

“I’ve been a Purell loyalist for YEARS. But given the current situation, I needed to find an alternative,” one customer wrote. “I ordered this Suave hand sanitizer… It does NOT have a strong alcohol smell, and it seems to have a thicker consistency than straight alcohol, thanks to the glycerin. Plus, it comes from Unilever, a major manufacturer. The bottles were in what appeared to be a factory sealed box… and came in a plastic bag.”

The Suave Hand Sanitizer has quickly climbed up Amazon’s best-seller charts due to so many people purchasing it recently. Make sure to add the six pack to your cart before it sells out!

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