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Göttingen: All schools in the city due to Corona-the outbreak closed

In Göttingen the outbreak were tested according to the Corona Mass already 80 people, a positive effect on COVID-19. The city has all of the schools arranged to close for the time being. Some daycare centers are closed. If you open it again, must be adhered to stricter security measures.

In Göttingen, lower Saxony, a number of persons with the novel Coronavirus SARS infected-CoV-2. As the city States on her website, are in connection with a number of private family celebrations now 80 people a positive effect on COVID-19 have been tested. All schools to stay for the time being.

Corona-mass tests planned

In connection with several private family celebrations in Göttingen, more than 300 contact persons were identified. A previous message of the city of Göttingen, according to all contact persons have received the first degree in the appointments for testing.

Some people, however, are not published in spite of verbal prompt by the health Department for testing. This group of people should be a written arrangement for the performance in the test center.

In the meantime, virtually all people have been COVID-19 tested, which were filed in connection with the family to celebrate for testing. Isolated individuals were visited on Tuesday by a mobile testing Team and tested. The information, according to results from further test.

In addition, according to the media all the residents of a residential facility reports to be tested on COVID-19. Goddess gene, the mayor, Rolf-Georg Köhler had informed that it was up to 700 people.

As a cause for the Corona mass outbreak, the authorities see the celebrations in the framework of the sugar feast, the celebration of Muslims at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Schools and day-care centres to

The crisis staff of the city of Göttingen has decided against the Background of the Corona outbreak of further measures:

  • All of the schools in the göttingen city area stay from now up to and including Sunday, 7. June 2020, in a preventive closed. The measure would give time to test and to evaluate the possible chains of Infection track, quarantine orders, to pronounce, as well as another infection happen to limit as far as possible at an early stage.
  • In the district of Göttingen, depending on the risk of long-affected schools also up to and including Sunday, 7. June 2020, will be closed. What these are, can be found on the website of the city of Göttingen.
  • Also, some of the affected day care centers in the city of Göttingen, up to and including Sunday, 7. June 2020, in a preventive closed. These are also listed on the website.
  • After the re-commissioning of the schools, a regulation for the compulsory Wearing of mouth, nose and will adopt the protection for a period of 14 days.
  • All persons living in the affected high-rise complex, to be tested in the next few days, the Virus. It is a preventive measure of the infection happen in a better estimate. The consistent testing of the residential facility is a less restrictive means than a blanket quarantine arrangement for the whole building. The process is currently being prepared by a working group.
  • The property management of the residential complex will be prompted to create a hygiene concept for the building, and immediately to submit.

The information according to the quarantine to be checked arrangements, in cooperation with the police. (ad)

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