Multiple sclerosis could be stopped in next DECADE, researchers say

Multiple sclerosis could be stopped in the next DECADE, researchers say as they hail scientific breakthroughs that ‘pave the way to wiping out the condition’ Scientists say range of medications will be in late stage trials by as early as 2025 This year saw breakthrough with blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering drugs  Currently only medications available for sufferers […]

Still at war with the tobacco epidemic, Indonesia must control e-cigarettes too

Several countries are banning e-cigarettes due to revelations of health risks to both users and bystanders. But in Indonesia, the world’s second-largest cigarette market, the government has yet to put in place policies to prevent youths from taking up vaping. More than 1,000 people were confirmed ill and at least 19 people died from a […]

Doctors Say Sanders’s Heart Surgery Is Common for People His Age

The Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had a heart procedure for a blocked artery Tuesday night, and has put his campaign on hold while he recovers. CNN reports that Sanders’s senior adviser, Jeff Weaver, delivered the news via conference call on Wednesday morning. According to Weaver, Sanders, who experienced chest discomfort during an event Tuesday […]