'Do Better': Celebs Speak Out Against Racist Attacks Toward Asians During Coronavirus Pandemic

John Cho

The journalist made a guest appearance on The View to talk about her reaction to President Trump calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus.”

“I was pretty astounded when he started calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus,” she began. “This, it’s been months since this crisis began, and to me it just seemed like a way to deflect attention to the fact that the was not taking it seriously for months and months.” 

“It seemed like he was deflecting blame,” she added. 

Then, when asked if she knew anyone — friends or family — who’ve experienced racism since Trump’s remarks, she said, “Oh absolutely.”

“I have friends’ kids who’ve been taunted,” she continued. “I have friends who have talked about being harassed in places. If you just Google stories about Asians being harassed since the president started calling it the Chinese virus, there are countless stories. In fact, the national crisis text hotline has had a sizable increase of Asians reporting that they are feeling depressed because they have been bullied and they somehow feel as though they are somehow responsible for this crisis, because the president has characterized it as the Chinese virus.”

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