University of Erlangen, reports of progress in therapy of Corona patients

In the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus in the Erlangen University hospital relies on the Transfusion of blood plasma. On weekends, the facility has received regulatory approval for the manufacture of therapeutic Plasma, with the seriously ill Covid-19-patients to be treated should be able to.

The Professor Holger hackstein, head of the Department of transfusion medicine, informed. He was glad that the corresponding documents of the Bavarian district government had been edited for upper Franconia in Bayreuth quickly.

From the donor’s blood is a mixture of Plasma and antibodies is obtained

In the past few days, the University hospital already former Covid had called-19-patients to blood-plasma donations. It is the active ingredient is obtained. Who has a Covid-19-the disease behind, have developed antibodies, said hack stone. So that other patients could be helped. The response to the call for donations was enormous. Within 24 hours, had reported 200 people. Now be examined to see whether they are suitable for blood donations. Nicolas Armer/dpa views of the part of the Building of the University hospital Erlangen

The University hospital the result of a recommendation by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), according to the donor as proof that he had the disease, a positive corona test and two negative test results would need to submit. “We leave here with the greatest possible care of.”

From the donor’s blood is a mixture of Plasma and antibodies produced and frozen. After further examination, these patients could be administered. “The antibodies attack the Virus and make it easier for the patient to eliminate the Virus,” said hack stone to the mode of action. As a result, the recovery could be accelerated, and the respiration of a patient earlier terminated. It would not be fought in this form of therapy the symptoms of Covid-19, but the cause – the Virus.

“It’s a huge, there is a need”

The active ingredient is not an approved drug, underscore hack stone. However, it should be the authorities in times of crisis possible, from the medicines act to depart. There is scientific data, according to which the treatment shows positive effects. Parallel-controlled studies would continue.

The University hospital Erlangen is skilled in the art, according to one of the first institutions in Germany, which got the permission for the production of therapeutic Plasma. From a blood donation of approximately 750 milliliters of Plasma would be generated. Up to three Covid-19 could be treated patients.

The more clinics are allowed to work with this procedure, the better it will be. Because: “There is a huge need is there.” His Department receive daily requests from hospitals, the interest in the treatment of Covid-19-patients.

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