13-Year-old without a pre-existing medical conditions dies in London at Corona

In the UK, a 13-year-old Boy has died after an infection with the novel Coronavirus. The hospital and the family of the boy was informed on Tuesday evening, a pre-existing condition of the young, nothing was known.

According to his family, the 13-year-old Ismail on Thursday with the infection typical symptoms and shortness of breath in the London King's College hospital and a day later a positive effect on the Coronavirus tested. He was on a respirator and in an induced coma. The Boy died on the following Monday.

The case of the young show, "how important it is that we take all possible precautions to verringern&quot to the spread of the infection;, Nathalie MacDermott, a lecturer said on King'College.

So far, hüngstes victims in the UK

The 13-Year-old is the alleged latest Covid-19-death victims in the UK. Also on Tuesday, the Belgian authorities had reported the death of a twelve-year-old girl after infection with the Virus. Last week, the death of a 16-Year-old in Paris had caused quite a stir.

In the UK until Tuesday, 1789 death were counted as victims of the Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19.

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