54 years, no pre-existing conditions: Patient in the district of Rosenheim died on Coronavirus

In the district of Rosenheim, a Patient has the Coronavirus has died. The office said in a statement. It is the first case of death in the County, due to the novel Virus.

As the company of the deceased, the said brewery, Maxlrainer Schloss in a Facebook post, was it Years of a 54 -. He is one of the most recent deaths after infection with the Coronavirus in Germany. The so far youngest Deceased was a 67-Year-old.

“Sad, we need to recognize how dangerous this Virus really is”

The 54-Year-old is said to have had no significant pre-existing conditions, – stated in the message of the company. “Shocked and sad, we need to recognize how dangerous this Virus really is.” The musicians had never been great ill, “he belonged to a risk group and he lived certainly not in any kind of unhealthy”.

The brewery appealed to the citizens: “Stay at home and not think please, that the Virus cannot harm you.”

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