After a few minutes of Mega-jam at the German border

The Coronavirus from spreading further, events are canceled in series, the public life is coming more and more to a Standstill. In Germany it is Infected there are currently 13 deaths and more than 5,500 confirmed Corona. Worldwide are Infected already over 156,000.All the information about the Coronavirus outbreak, you find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

At the border crossing Kufstein is controlled since 8 o’clock almost every vehicle. Only Trucks are allowed without control over the border, otherwise it is almost sent to each of the controlled car by the police back to Austria and partially even escorted, as the "ARD-Morgenmagazin" reported.

In large Chaos at the border, because of the traffic back-up after just a few minutes over a Kilometer. Also, for Trucks it’s called patience, because you first wait in the same queue as the Cars. While these are then passed into an alternate lane, are allowed to drive the Trucks then. Reuters/Robert Michael/dpa-Central image/Reuters Czech police officers at the entry control: The country closes its borders, largely for foreigners from several European countries.

Also on the German-French border crossing Kehl, the border controls began at 8 o’clock. Commuters were there relatively quickly by the left, but the longer Beat it is there nonetheless. In the course of the day backlog to Strasbourg, threatening, as there is little alternatives and the bridge to Kehl is only one lane.

Many French are threatening, according to the report of the "Morgenmagazins" Problems, since they are dependent on, in Germany, to buy. The usual, everyday purchases of French will be first of all, what hits the economy in Kehl. In the Doge’s riemarkt 40% of the purchases of French customers usually come.


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