Texas woman sues Juul and six other e-cig companies for $1 million

Texas woman sues Juul and six other e-cig companies for $1 million, claiming their vaping products left her with permanent lung damage

  • An unidentified Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Juul, Pax, Altria, Evolv Mamasan, Axiocore and Yogi E-liquid, KVUE reported 
  • She claims Juul’s ads drew her to vaping, which she took up in March 2018 and blames the high dose nicotine for getting her addicted’ 
  • A year later, she switched to using products from Evolv, Mamasan and Yogi and developed bronchitis shortly after 
  • Months later she was diagnosed with lipoid pneumonia 
  • She claims her permanent lung damage and medical costs are the fault of the seven vaping companies, whom she is suing for $1 million  

A Texas woman who developed a form of pneumonia linked to vaping is suing Juul and six other e-cigarette companies, claiming that their products made her sick and kept her addicted to them. 

Her suit claims that Juul and its advertisements ‘enticed’ and got the unidentified woman addicted to its potent doses of nicotine, KVUE reported. 

But she blames three other brands for her illness, which reached a head, after she’d made the switch, when her roommate found her unconscious in her bed. 

The woman claims she was diagnosed with lipoid pneumonia, a form of lung infection that has been linked to vaping – and wants the seven e-cigarette companies to pay her $1 million for her suffering. 

An unidentified woman is suing Juul and six other e-cigarette companies for $1 million, claiming that their products got her hooked on vaping and left her with permanent lung damage (file) 

She’s bringing the suit against Juul Labs, Pax Labs, Altria Group – which has a 35 percent stake in Juul – Evolv, Mamasan, Axiocore Corporation and Yogi E-liquid. 

According KVUE the woman’s lawsuit claims she started vaping in March 2018.  

She claims she specifically saw Juul’s notoriously bright colored, trendy-looking ads, became interested in e-cigarettes and ‘quickly became addicted to the high levels of nicotine’ in the products. 

A year after she started vaping, the woman switched to an Evolve e-cigarette and started filling it with nicotine liquids made by Mamasan and Yogi. 

Within three weeks, she alleges she developed bronchitis. 

Shaken by her illness, the woman put away the e-cigarette for a few weeks, the lawsuit claims 

But, addiction does, she was drawn back to the products, and started vaping again. 

This time, she suffered much more dire consequences. 

Her suit claims that she started ‘feeling lethargic and coughing incessantly’ on September 1.  She even allegedly threw up.    

By September 3, she claims she was in a horrible state. 

Her roommate allegedly found the woman unconscious in her bed.  

It’s not clear how long she was unconscious, but the woman claims she was barely able to walk on her own. 

She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with lipoid pneumonia, KVUE reported. 

Pneumonia is a broad term for any lung inflammation triggered by infection. 

Lipoid pneumonia is a variety of the illness that occurs when fat – or lipid – particles build up in the lungs. 

Currently, vaping illnesses are classified by the appearance of lung damage on the patient’s CT scan and the fact that they’ve used e-cigarette products within the last 30 days.  

The woman’s lawsuit claims that she’s been left with permanent lung damage at the hands of the seven defendant companies. 

She reportedly said she has quit vaping, but is still undergoing treatment.      

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