New York: police make grisly discovery in front of the funeral home

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath, More than three million people have been infected worldwide with the novel Virus – 160.576 of them in Germany.

After the discovery of dozens of administrators of the bodies in the vans in front of a funeral home, the authorities in New York have started to send on Thursday an investigation. Police had made the gruesome discovery on Wednesday, after residents had complained about the terrible smell that came from two vehicles which were in the borough of Brooklyn in front of a funeral home.

"We investigate das", the state health Commissioner Howard sugar told journalists. About the undertakers, there had been no complaints. Mayor Bill de Blasio described the handling of the dead as "absolutely inakzeptabel". The undertakers were obliged to the people "with Would behandeln&quot to;.

The owner of the company said the "New York Times", it was because of the Corona pandemic, like other colleagues in the city have been completely overloaded due to the many deaths. Since its premises are already more than 100 bodies were located, he used the Transporter for the storage of the dead. "I had no place mehr", he lawsuit.

According to media reports, more than 60 bodies were found in a rented van and a tractor-trailer. In New York City almost 18,000 people in less than two months after an infection with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 died. In the whole city mortuaries, cemeteries and crematoria effort to cope with many deaths to have. Many hospitals car, where the Corona-the dead first, be stored, are cooling.

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