“It’s overwhelming,”: woman of the night sick as a dog – sympathy is huge

After the appeal, the Tobias S. made in a Facebook Post to the Public, moving numerous Share-holders and supporters of organ donation, sign up to word. The Couple is overwhelmed by the responses and hopes to set a political sign.

“I press you the thumbs.” “I wish you the little miracle that you need!” “A lot of power & Strength and, above all, Confidence!“.

Under the Facebook Post by Tobias S. there are many good wishes to each other in rows. The story of his wife, Laura W. has touched thousands of people. The 33-Year-old has an incurable heart disease. Their only hope is a heart transplant. Although she is since June 2019 on the transplant list, the waiting time for an Organ is but six years. Your heart to give the Doctors, however, only a maximum of one and a half years.

The contradiction solution, on the morning in the Bundestag is decided, it could lead to a Laura W. how many other victims will receive faster a life-saving Organ.

The Couple wants to achieve with his Post-something MPs in the Bundestag in order to confront. “It would be wonderful if the Post and, above all, the positive reactions to it can actually lead to something politically,” says Laura W. “We want to bring the members of this important topic from the point of view of a Concerned and show them how much the consent, interest, and compassion it encounters in the population. Tomorrow’s vote in the Bundestag can be for us and for tens of thousands of people in Germany live is crucial.“

The moving Text of her husband Tobias S. has been shared over 12,000 Times, in over 800 comments of the Affected share, wish the Couple happiness and Laura W. good improvement. "It is überwältigend", they told FOCUS Online. "I’m all of the socks, how many people share my story."

  • Here you can read the whole story by Laura W.

Post &quot to;politically bewirken"

“Whatever the vote turns out tomorrow – we have managed to give the topic of organ donation greater attention. We have done it that many people deal with the issue and deal with,” explains the 33-Year-old to FOCUS Online, “and that is a great feeling.”

You can see in the Video: supposed To be every German is automatically an organ donor? Street survey with clear results

FOCUS Online you will See in the Video: Should every German is automatically an organ donor be? Street survey with clear results