IntelyCare launches free virtual nurse training for COVID-19

Digital-workforce-augmentation specialist IntelyCare is offering free virtual training for nurses and nursing facilities in an effort to help the healthcare industry combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Aimed at nursing professionals working in post-acute, rehab and long-term care centers across the United States, the training course is designed to help health workers understand the causes of COVID-19 and its transmission, identify the risk factors of serious illness caused by the virus, and recognize the clinical manifestations for it.

The course will also cover ways to adopt preventive measures for decreasing the transmission of COVID-19, and explain the utilization of surgical masks and N-95 respirators in post-acute healthcare facilities.

The company is also leveraging its app to share real-time updates to track and mitigate infections, and alerting facilities if any nurses have direct contact with an infected patient.

The release follows a survey the company conducted that found that, while 74% of nursing professionals were still willing to go to work, more than half (55%) said they wanted to limit exposure to multiple facilities, and want to know if a facility is infected.


“By offering training courses free of cost to our nursing employees and the larger nursing community, we are ensuring that nurses and facilities are better protected, informed and equipped to care for patients in this unprecedented time,” IntelyCare cofounder and CEO David Coppins said.


The announcement is the latest in a wave of services, applications and technologies that have been released in an effort to help healthcare professionals and patients alike diagnose, track and provide other information about the virus.

Faced with rising numbers of infections across the United Kingdom, NHS Digital is rolling out services that aim to use data more efficiently, including data-collection and analytics services to help identify patients that have it or that are vulnerable to the disease.

Meanwhile, healthcare analytics technology and services vendor Health Catalyst debuted two systems and a service for COVID-19 response, focused on patient tracking, public health surveillance and staff-augmentation support.

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