High blood pressure warning: A handful of this fruit in the morning could lower reading

High blood pressure increases people’s risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. The potentially fatal condition can be managed if you know what to do. Now a study reveals a certain fruit could lower your blood pressure.

Researchers found that eating raisins could lower blood pressure.

The study involved 46 men and women with prehypertension.

Prehypertension describes when blood pressure readings are above healthy levels, but aren’t high enough – just yet – to be classified as high blood pressure.


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Blood pressure readings between 120/60mmHg and 139/89mmHg are described as prehypertension.

Patients with this reading should really take it seriously – it’s a warning you need to look after your health much better if you want to avoid hypertension (high blood pressure).

The 12-week study saw participants either eat raisins or crackers that contained the same amount of calories.

Results revealed that those who ate the raisins had a lower blood pressure reading whereas those who ate crackers didn’t see a reduction in their reading.

Reasons as to how raisin helped to lower blood pressure readings haven’t been confirmed in this experiment.

And researchers conclude they need a bigger study with more people to confirm the link between eating raisins and lowered blood pressure readings.

However, they are satisfied to explore this link between raisins and blood pressure further.

Raisins are actually grapes that have dried up in the sun or a food dehydrator.

The versatile fruit can be mixed into oatmeal to add a nutritious element to your breakfast.

For those who like to enjoy yoghurt in the mornings, raisins can also be added to that.

Raisins are ideal for adding into granola or cereal too.

Naturally sweet in flavour, the delicious fruit also packs a host of other health benefits too.


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You can even make your own raisins when the summertime comes rolling round.

The first step would involve buying a bunch of grapes, then the second step is to remove the stems and wash them in cool water.

The third step is to place them in a tray and set the tray outside on a dry, sunny day.

Within three days you’ll have some homegrown raisins.

Rich in fibre, iron and antioxidants, raisins can benefit your overall health if eaten in moderation.

An excellent source of phytonutrients, according to medical website Healthline, it can help remove free radicals from your blood and may prevent damage to your cells and DNA.

Pharmacy Times states free radicals are “toxic compounds” that can start “chain reactions”.

The publications adds: “Antioxidants are molecules which can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged.”

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