Everything you need to know for the vaccination

A one and a half years old Boy died from measles because he was not vaccinated. His death has caused in Germany for outrage and discussions. Click here to read the most important information about the vaccination against the childhood disease.

The death of a one and a half year old boy who was not vaccinated against measles, has been in Germany for excitement. Health Minister Hermann Gröhe accuses Impfgegnern to endanger not only their own but also other children. The measles-wave is holding Berlin is currently in the grip of. According to the authorities on Wednesday were registered in the capital since October, 609 cases, of which 488 this year.


Initially, most asylum-seekers were concerned in Berlin. The reason for this: In Bosnia-Herzegovina since February of last year a severe measles outbreak that, according to the world health organization (WHO), more than 5000 people sick. Meanwhile, the disease in Berlin, mainly occurs in the rest of the population. Many children and adults do not or inadequately immunised against measles. The main problem are the so-called "education Haushalte" or immigrants, emphasized health Senator Mario Czaja. "The Problem is the kids from the generally well-off Neighbourhoods of Berlin, where the Vaccination, for whatever reason, is not in the appropriate format is carried out are more likely."


The Standing Committee on vaccination (Stiko) recommends that all children between the 11. and 14. Month and a second Time between the 15 life. 23. Month be vaccinated against measles. The immunization is usually done at the same time as vaccination against other childhood diseases. For combination preparations for the vaccination against measles, Mumps and rubella, as well as a Four-way vaccine that protects in addition to smallpox before the wind exist. dpa/dpa-infographic measles in the first half of 2013 in Germany, spread: Up to July, was one of the Robert Koch Institute already over 900 measles cases. The are already to the half of the year, more than five times as many as in the entire year 2012 with 165 cases. In 2011, there had been a total of 1 608 reported cases. The disease is highly contagious. 95 percent of the people who were in contact with the Virus, become ill. What’s tricky is that Sufferers often recognize too late that you are suffering from measles. Because the first symptoms are similar initially to those of a common cold infection. Until the actual cause of the disease is known to have been infected are often more people from the environment. The disease can have for both children and adults have dire consequences: The immune system over several weeks greatly weakened. So can Nestle easily other bacterial infections, such as pneumonia or diarrhoea. A further complication can be a life-threatening inflammation of the Brain, in individual cases, even years later. Graphics: Andreas Brühl; Editors: Katrin Pepping


The vaccine against measles was introduced in 1970. More than 20 years, was only vaccinated once per Person. Since 1991, the Stiko recommends, however, to repeat the vaccination to ensure a life long protection. The experts therefore recommend that all adults, starting in 1970, a vaccination, or only once were not vaccinated or it is not exactly know.


Vaccination is the only protection against measles. In addition, to be eradicated through a vaccination Coverage of at least 95 percent of the disease. The aim of the world health organization, it was actually to achieve this for Europe already at the latest this year. This would mean that in a period of twelve months one Million inhabitants in less than a Diseased may come. In Germany, the would not be more than 80 cases per year. In the past year were registered according to RKI 444 cases, in 2013 there were in 1769.


As with any vaccine there can be side effects, which are classified by experts as low, and in no relation to the dangerousness of the disease are. A live vaccine so that the Patient is basically a infection in a mild Form through. For a large proportion of the Vaccinated, so-called Impfmasern, which are mostly without serious complications and is not contagious are.


In Germany, the vaccines of the British pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur MSD, based in France are available. Both offer a triple and a quadruple vaccine. Sometimes vaccines from both manufacturers are circulating under other company names, if there are parallel imports from abroad. In addition, there is a single vaccine, but is rarely used. The funds will be purchased by the company EurimPharm at Sanofi in France and on the company’s own name. However, there is the preparation of frequent shortfalls, says a representative of the company.


The Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (vfa), according to 2013, a total of 1.7 million measles vaccine doses have been administered. The market for combination vaccines is, according to experts, in Germany, around 80 million euros per year. With vaccines, overall, pharmaceutical manufacturers implemented according to the Association in the past year about the pharmacies around 830 million euros. If one adds in the revenues of pharmacies were spent for vaccines, almost 1.2 billion euros.


The government draft for a law on Prevention, it is provided that parents must provide evidence of the inclusion of your child in the nursery that you have participated in a vaccination advice to the doctor. The policy also calls on the responsibility of the parents. In the opinion of the Minister of health Hermann Gröhe may also be a vaccination is not a taboo. He has the support of the health politicians of the CDU and the SPD, as well as medical associations. The Minister of justice, Heiko Maas (SPD) said "Bild", a vaccination is "not legally ausgeschlossen".