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It could take years until the backlog is worked up

Operations were postponed due to the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, have created a tremendous global need to catch up. According to a recent British analysis, it could take years for the approximately 28 million moved surgical procedures are completed. Among the backlog of operations will also be numerous cancer treatments.

Researchers from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the University of Birmingham in England analyzed on the Basis of a global data collection, the impact of the Corona-pandemic on the planned surgical interventions. This showed that in the year 2020, over 28 million scheduled operations are not carried out. This sum could have drastic consequences for the period after the pandemic. The analysis was recently published in the “British Journal of Surgery”.

To surgeons a lot of work is waiting

Patients need to be expected after the Corona-pandemic, probably with long waiting periods for scheduled operations wait. English analysts forecast that it will come out because of COVID-19 worldwide by the year 2020 to approximately 28.4 million cancelled surgical procedures. The estimate is based on a top-of-the interruption of the hospital operations for 12 weeks. Each additional week of interruption was associated with a further 2.4 million cancellations.

Nearly three-quarters of all planned operations postponed

The research team analysed data from 359 hospitals in 71 countries. On the Basis of this data, the Team developed a model for forecasting of the global total. Thus, on average 72.3 per cent of all planned operations to be cancelled, while a the country of restrictive measures in the operation of a hospital is affected. The most common orthopedic operations were affected by the cancellations (6.3 million) are. There were and are but also shifted some 2.3 million cancer treatments.

The NHS advises: restrictions are not longer than 12 weeks

The National Health Service (NHS) advised the hospitals to plan operations for no longer than 12 weeks to cancel. If this period is adhered to, it is there to 516.000 cancelled operations, including the 36,000 cancer treatments. This backlog should be resolved after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 per cent of additional expense to the pandemic?

The analysts also showed that it would take in England around 11 months, the backlog to be processed, when after the pandemic, the workload of the operations performed by 20 percent is increased. Each additional week of the cancellation added to increase this period, however, significantly add to the queue for more 43.300 nachzuhol the end of the intervention.

Why were so many operations?

“During the COVID-19-were deleted from the pandemic scheduled operations, in order to reduce the risk that patients in the hospital with COVID-plug 19,” says Aneel Bhangu, a consultant surgeon from the research team. In addition, the operations were moved to support the reaction of the hospitals to the pandemic in a broad sense, for example, by the conversion of operating rooms, in intensive care units.

Consequences of shifts

“Although they are indispensable, are to Cancel a heavy burden for Affected and for the society,” stressed Bhangu. The condition of patients can deteriorate your quality of life could decline and, in some cases, in particular in the case of suspended cancer treatments, are expected to be cases of unnecessary death, so the surgical consultant.

Every week counts

“It is important for hospitals to assess the Situation regularly, so that planned operations can be as fast as possible again,” advises Dr. Dmitri Nepogodiev from the research team. The residue was also associated with massive cost. For England, the Team is projected to cost at least two billion pounds additional.

How is the Situation in Germany?

“In this modeling study, data from a survey of 34 hospitals received”, explains Markus albert Meier to the German doctors sheet. He’s a surgeon at the Munich LMU hospital and worked with in the study. In Germany, 85 per cent of all elective surgeries in the period) are expected to be over 900,000 deferred operations (.

Numerous cancer surgeries postponed

“The German capacity are generally considered to be that there is no urgent cancer surgery must be delayed,” emphasizes albert Meier. From a Global perspective, however, showed that especially in poorer countries, increasingly, cancer treatments are postponed. For example, a pandemic will be postponed due to the Corona according to the study, in Brazil, 44 percent of all cancer operations in Vietnam, 56 percent, and in the Sudan, 72 per cent. (vb)