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The blood plasma with antibodies to the COVID-19-therapy

The Erlangen University hospital is the first hospital in Germany, to the seriously ill COVID-19-patients and patients with blood plasma from convalescent individuals to be treated with a SARS-CoV-2 infection behind. The anti get the body that help in the recovery.

The University hospital of Erlangen, recently received regulatory approval for the production of therapeutic blood plasma from convalescent individuals survived a COVID-19-disease. The effectiveness of such a plasma treatment was demonstrated in a study that was recently presented in the prestigious scientific journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)”.

The idea behind a blood plasma treatment

There are currently no approved specific antiviral agents that are suitable for the treatment of COVID-19. For this reason, use is made of the blood plasma of people who have already survived a SARS-CoV-2 infection. This Plasma contains antibodies against the pathogen that can be transmitted by a Transfusion on critically ill COVID-19-Affected. In the first available studies of the clinical symptoms of the Patients improved by the treatment, within three days, significant. Larger clinical studies are still pending.

Clinic in Erlangen, Germany, received the approval

“We were already for many weeks in close contact with the government of upper Franconia,” says Professor Dr. Holger Hackstein. This contact is now bearing the first fruits, because the transfusion medicine of the University hospital Erlangen is allowed to recover COVID-19 immune plasma for severely ill COVID-19-patients and in-patients and apply. “Due to the extremely positive response to our call for donations to former Corona patients the apheresis can start Plasma production effective immediately,” announced Professor hack stone.

High response to call for donations

In the run-up to the hospital, had already started a call to a former Corona-Ill in Swiss francs, with the request to make a blood plasma donation. About 200 convalescent persons are followed within a few hours of the call. “They were much more than we could take at the present time in our program,” says hack stone, is delighted with the positive response. “Currently, we are looking for any other donor,” said the Professor.

Who can donate blood plasma?

“It was important that the donor and the donor provide evidence of a positive corona virus test at the beginning and, if possible, two negative Test at the end of the disease,” explains hack stone. The plasma donation takes about 45 minutes and not be more burdensome than a normal blood donation. In a so-called apheresis machine is made from the donations of a Serum-specific anti-body against the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The blood plasma can prevent deadly COVID-19-gradients

“Current scientific data suggest that COVID-19-immune plasma, a significant weakening of the life-threatening gradients is possible,” says Professor hack stone. “If our Initiative is successful – which starts in the same way, too soon in some other University hospitals – as this method could improve the treatment significantly.”

For the time being only for terminally ill

Due to the limited availability and the large number of Infected plasma treatment at the time for seriously ill COVID-19-patients and in -patients. The primary Concerned in the foreground, suffering from severe shortness of breath, according to hack stone here. The treatment is considered very safe – in the previous applications, no serious side effects have been found. (vb)

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