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91 known Reinfections in South Korea – What’s behind it?

There is in South Korea officially 91 as recover current COVID-19-victims, who were tested after the disease is once again positive for SARS-CoV-2. Now, the assumption is obvious that a reinfection has occurred. Experts are however of the opinion that it is more patients that were previously tested false negative. A study by the world health organization are trying to solve this issue now.

It is currently unclear why the Frequently of COVID-19-Concerned, it is reported, in which a re-Test to SARS-CoV-2 is positive, after you are already healed. RKI-President Lothar Wieler and Professor Dr. Christian Drosten keep a reinfection unlikely. It would make more sense that it is the patients who were incorrectly diagnosed negative.

Drosten keeps Reinfection is unlikely

WHO wants to take the cases in South Korea now under the microscope, as it is worldwide of great importance is whether reinfection is possible or not. The corona virus expert, Professor Dr. Christian Drosten shows himself skeptical about the possibility of a reinfection. He explains in his NDR Podcast, as it probably came to these cases.

How did the Reinfections?

In the known cases from South Korea affected were declared as recovered, after a PCR Test was confirmed by a negative result – it could be any virus in the Test is demonstrated. A few days later, the said individuals were then tested again and again, the PCR-Test positive for the Virus. Now the question is, whether can reactivate SARS-CoV-2 again, similar to herpes virus, and there is no immunity.

Proof is still to be

Even if there is currently neither a proof for nor against this Thesis, is the Drosten, the evaluation of a Professor, that it is unlikely that a new infection or a reactivation is possible. On the basis of his study of the Munich-based group of virologist expresses, as it probably came in to this phenomenon.

The detectability limits of

According to Drosten, one sees in the COVID-19-Sick towards the end of the gradient exactly, the viral load reaches the limit of detectability. Coming eventually to the point where the Virus jumps time and time under the detection limit. In this context, it would lead to a statistical distribution of phenomena, with the result that the Virus is no longer recognized, although it is still there.

Viruses from the pond fish

As an illustration, one can imagine, according to Drosten, the PCR Test, such as a bucket, with the fish randomly fish from a pond. The fish are in this for the virus. If the whole pond is full of fish, is also a high probability that you have in the bucket of fish, when pulled through the pond.

The less fish in the pond are, the higher also is Likely that no more fish are in the bucket after it has been dipped in the pond. Nevertheless, it may be that after an unsuccessful attempt a couple of the fish in the bucket, if you continue to the bucket in the pond.

Cultural differences in academic requirements

While in Germany, such samples are more likely to ask faster and faster, and there is often the intent: “No rule without exception”, to be followed regulations in many Asian countries, according to Drosten once strict. According to the WHO guidelines COVID may be-19-Affected discharged from the hospital, when two PCR-smear-Tests for SARS-CoV-2 failed at 24-hour intervals are negative.

In many Asian countries, these persons are considered in the statistics as cured. It comes from any reasons a re-Test is positive, this Person again falls ill, although it is unclear whether or not the person is actually sick.

Currently, as long as SARS is unclear-CoV-2 remains in the body

As the virologist reported, there is still limited information on the excretion gradient and the excretion period of the virus. It is known that SARS-CoV-2 secretion, for example, about the Lungs and about the chair is discontinued. Over the period, the quantities and other excretion pathways is as yet but little known.

It is assumed that after recovering from infection for a certain time length viral RNA by the body is discontinued. This can occasionally be a Test, it is probably no more capable of propagation of virus particles. (vb)