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What is true, what is invented?

Is the novel Coronavirus SARS-Co-V2 there are many unanswered questions. The fact that the Virus has re-occurred, we do not yet know much about it, only after and to the insights grow. So speculation is all too easy and Fake News can spread through social networks rapidly. The more important it is to bring regularly at reputable sources of information on the latest state.

Expert answers to current questions

Dr. Gregory Poland, an Internist and a member of the “Vaccine Research Group,” the Mayo Clinic of Minnesota, responded in a contribution from the Mayo Clinic current issues around SARS-CoV-2, and the resultant lung disease COVID-19.

1. Can kill hand dryers viruses?

To this question, the expert has a clear answer: NO. Hand dryers that blow on the hands after Washing by warm or cold air-dry, you should avoid! By the air flow the circulation of the virus is increased. This process has been studied on the basis of other viruses and is also for SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.

2. Should I avoid using my hair dryer?

The question of whether the use of a hair dryer in order to SARS-CoV could be 2 problematic, answered Dr. Poland: “as Long as you are not suffering from a cough or a fever, or someone were exposed to the cough or fever, I see no Problem to use a hair dryer. There is no known to me literature, indicating that this represents a risk.“ Your hair dryer you may use to do so quite freely.

3. Can kill the Spraying of alcohol or chlorine on my body COVID-19-pathogens?

Dr. Gregory Poland specifically warns not to spray alcohol or chlorine on the body, because these substances are intended for the cleaning of hard surfaces. On our sensitive skin, they can cause great damage! The cleaning with water and soap is sufficient, to viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 to kill. How does that work, he explains as follows:

“The soap-containing medium with surface tension, so that it cancels out the electrostatic attraction of the Virus on your skin, the virus envelope is destroyed and Oils and mucus removed that may be on your body and where the Virus can live. And wash it by friction, literally, with water.“

4. I need to wash my hands in boiling water?

The assumption that only hot water can kill the pathogens, is definitely wrong! Although boiling water kills the Virus, however, you should leave this to the skin, as this would lead to severe burns.

Whether you rinsed your hands with cold or hot water, doesn’t matter if you used soap and she washed long and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds everywhere, lather well, rinse thoroughly). The expert from the Mayo Clinic describes how soap works:

“No, you must not use hot water. Either hot or cold will work just as well. It is important to wash properly. On your hands of Oils, and this Oil viruses stick. They are electrostatically charged. But if you wash with soap, by rubbing physically, wash away the friction the Virus, and the soap damages the Virus. This is the most effective means we know of. That is why surgeons scrub your hands carefully before going to the operating room. It works, and it works really well.“

5. Nasal irrigation with saline solution are helpful or harmful?

Many people wonder how nasal irrigation effect of saline solution. Presumably, this measure is rate neutral. That is, there is currently no concrete evidence that the flushing, damage, still, that you can use in dealing with the novel Coronavirus.

What Dr. Poland says? “The nasal irrigation have been found mainly in the nose sinusitis and allergies as effective. There is neither direct evidence of this is that saline COVID-prevents 19, yet, your risk of infection increases.“

6. Can prevent garlic infection with COVID-19?

The question of whether you can protect yourself by eating garlic before infection with SARS-CoV-2, denied the expert. “Garlic will only help insofar as it facilitates social distancing,” said Dr. Gregory Poland.

He plays to the typical odor that one gives off after eating of garlic and the many people extremely uncomfortable find. Thus, the garlic would help to keep others at a distance. There are, according to Poland, however, no evidence that garlic can protect against the Virus.

7. Can protect the gargle with bleach?

The Internet is extremely dangerous has been circulating false information, by gargling with a diluted bleach you could kill the novel Corona-Virus in the mouth and throat. This should be done according to Dr. Poland, no way!

For the Insertion of with bleach-soaked cotton swab in the nose, the Same applies: It is very dangerous and should be avoided. Bleach can damage the mucous membranes serious and lasting.

8. Can antibiotics COVID-19 kill-pathogens?

Also this question the expert answered with a clear no. Antibiotics are able to fight many bacteria. Against viruses, they are ineffective. This is also true for the novel Coronavirus.

“Antibiotics should only be used if a known, documented Co-infection with bacteria is present,” added Dr. Poland, so if in addition to an infection with the novel coronavirus is still an additional infection with bacteria, which could be combated by the antibiotic. So, for example, in the case of lung inflammation by COVID-19 often secondary infections with bacteria, since they can more easily penetrate into the damaged lung tissue.

9. Am I allowed to use your own hand sanitizer?

Means for hand disinfection are become by the pandemic in many places, scarce. Therefore, it is a legitimate question, whether you can use self-made disinfectant. Dr. Gregory Poland refers to the answer to this question, yet again, that the thorough washing of hands with soap and water is best to make the pathogens on the skin are harmless or remove it.

Hand sanitizer is the second best choice. To Poland from leads:

“However, it is important to use the correct type and quantity of hand disinfectant, so that it is effective. You need a quarter to a half Dollar sized amount of Hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. You can definitely try your own product, since there are online many recipes, including one by the world health organization.“

Here, too, it is so important to use recipes only from reputable, verified sources!

Important Note

Please be sure to take information from the Internet and social networks, or even from the circle are not unaudited. You are more likely to be critical, seek, where appropriate, to Evidence from other sources and use only reputable and reliable sources such as the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) or the world health organization (WHO).

If you have doubts as to the correctness of the messages, do not continue to spread this and please ask to worthy tips in any case!

Further Information

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