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What protection face masks offer corona virus?

Many people try to protect themselves with face masks against the corona virus. But how useful such protection measures really are? A new study shows that surgical masks actually seem to be effective protection against seasonal viruses and corona to offer a virus.

In the current investigation of the University of Maryland School of Public Health and the University of Hong Kong, it was found that the use of surgical masks can protect people from infection by the Coronavirus. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Nature Medicine”.

Reduces number of air-borne viruses

In experiments in the laboratory, the masks reduced the quantities of various air-borne viruses significantly. This is particularly interesting, because there are always debates about whether such protection measures are effective and useful. There are, for example, is of the opinion that surgical masks outside of the medical sphere are not a useful precaution.

Availability of masks is limited

A debate on the effectiveness of such masks for protection against COVID-19 is taking place at a time in which we are already using a dangerous insufficient supply of masks faced. And there are different complications in relation to the use of masks, apart from the lack of availability.

Some employers prohibit the use of masks

For example, the dealer let some of your employees do not wear masks. Behind it is the fear of sending negative signals to the customer. In the United States, there were even physical attacks against Asian Americans, who wore masks for protection.

Transmission is restricted by masks

The results of various studies indicate that masks can restrict the Transmission of influenza viruses, Rhino viruses and corona viruses by the Infected (in the case of the novel Coronavirus are often no symptoms) significantly. For example, a study from 2013 showed that surgical masks can help to limit the Transmission of influenza.

We now have all the masks?

The probability that the masks could protect against COVID-19, justifies a new look at it, whether all people should be encouraged to wear such masks, if you need to see during the current COVID-19-curfew shops or other places. This could be useful, even if the Transmission is just a little limited.

Spread of corona virus only through contact and droplets?

Previous studies have already shown that the Coronavirus and other respiratory infections spread mostly by close contact. This was interpreted by some people so that the disease can only spread through contact and large droplets, such as by coughing or Sneezing.

Infection with COVID-19 by the breath of other people?

In the statement, it is merely a hypothesis. The current study shows, however, that tiny, aerosolierte droplets can actually diffuse through the air. This means that it might be possible, with COVID-19 by breathing – and especially by the Inhalation of the breath of infected persons in the vicinity – infect. This happens regardless of whether the affected Person already has symptoms or not.

Masks reduced virus in respiratory droplets, and aerosols

For the study, 246 people were recruited with suspected viral infection of the respiratory tract. Then, it was examined, how strong the Virus was inhaled with and without a surgical mask out. “111 people were either infected with the Coronavirus, the influenza virus or the Rhinovirus, reduced droplet masks the detectable Virus in the Respiratory and aerosols in seasonal coronaviruses, and the respiratory droplets at Influenzaviren”, the author of the Study Dr. Nancy Leung of the parties involved in the investigation of the University of Hong Kong in a press release reported.

There were limitations?

Although the Experiment took place before the current pandemic, are the COVID-19, and seasonal coronaviruses closely related to each other and may have a similar particle size. The study was also established, however, that used masks to reduce the Emission of Rhino viruses.

Wearing of face masks by infected people slows down the spread

“The potential of surgical masks, seasonal corona virus in respiratory droplets, and to reduce aerosols, means that such masks can contribute to slowing of the spread of COVID-19, if they are worn by infected people,” adds the study’s author, Professor Benjamin Cowling from the University of Hong Kong. But other protection measures might be more effective than masks, add the researchers. Here, for example, the improvement of ventilation in public spaces such as grocery stores and the Installation of UV-C lamps in the ceiling are close to. (as)