Young infected more than 100 students and teachers in Israel, with Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has the world firmly in its grip: More than five million people were infected worldwide with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 – 181.468 of them so far in Germany.

Neuanstieg of coronavirus infections: Netanyahu warns Israelis

In the face of a Neuanstiegs of Corona infections in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned the country’s citizens to be more disciplined. At the start of a Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said on Sunday: "There are in the last days an increase in diseases, accompanied by a softening of the discipline."

As new foci of infection in Israel, schools are especially. According to information from the Ministry of education, 17 kindergartens and schools due to the Corona have already been new cases closed again. Most of the new cases, there was in a Jerusalem high school, where more than 100 teachers and students are sick. According to media reports, a single &quot had there;Superspreader" the other infected. Ronan Zvulun/Reuters Pool/AP/dpa

"There is no doubt that there is an increase in comparison to what we haben&quot in the last couple of weeks is;, Netanyahu said. "The Corona pandemic is not yet over." We must now determine whether there is a real trend change. "We will consider in the next few days, our steps, and if necessary we will change the policy accordingly." Netanyahu appealed to Israelis to wear more masks, a minimum of two meters to comply with the hygiene rules to be complied with.

On the weekend, parties in Bars and Clubs in social media often to see where many people are densely crowded, and without a Mouth guard celebrated. Also on the streets and in public facilities, many Israelis without a mask, are now on the road.

Israel had reacted to the beginning of the Corona-shaft very quickly with rigorous measures, the course of the pandemic in the small Mediterranean country was relatively lightly. In the course of a gradual relaxation of the rules began a month ago, the Opening of the schools. From Sunday to gatherings of up to 100 people are allowed.

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