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Relaxations of the measures to curb the COVID19 epidemic

The Chancellor and the Government, and heads of government of the countries caught in a telephone conference on 06.05.2020 new decisions, as it should henceforth go in the corona crisis. As it has been possible to reduce the number of daily new infections significantly, have been relaxed a number of measures.

It showed that, according to the first locker, the number of new infections payments could be kept low. Currently, there is no re-onset of the infection dynamics according to the Federal government visible. The Federal government thanked the citizens for the high level of personal responsibility, with the no-Contact orders, as well as Hygiene – and-distance rules have been complied with. Under this condition, a significant further opening steps are feasible, the economic damage and the freedom-impairing measures to the Necessary limit.

Basic rules must remain the same

Since the infection happened is not distributed in Germany, equally, it can come in individual States different regulations. All relaxations should be made on the basis of Hygiene and distance concepts should continue to be consistently met. In General, the relaxations were associated with a risk for new chains of Infection.

Mask duty and clearance rules remain in place

Even after the relaxations should be adhered to where possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to the other members of the Public. In certain public areas such as shops and public transport the mask of duty, shall continue to apply.

Contact restrictions to be eased

For the time being up to 5. June, the contact restrictions still apply. However, these are a little loose. Henceforth, it is permitted that persons of a household to meet with people of another household. The rest of the contact restrictions continue to exist.

Countries will be given more responsibility

Should be on the rise in Parts of Germany, the infection happened more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days, will be able to implement the districts immediate and consistent restriction of concept with the involvement of the competent state authorities. Such measures must be maintained until the infection happened at least spent seven days under 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Gradual Opening of the schools

In a step-wise approach to open schools for all students. It is important, appropriate hygiene measures and distance rules. The lesson should be carried out in the Form of partial presence in the classroom. Up to the summer holidays, it should be every school level allows to visit the school. In Parallel, digital teaching will be promoted concepts.

Kita-emergency care will be expanded

The emergency care in kindergartens and daycare centers no later than 11, from the. May be expanded in all Federal States of Germany. Up to the summer holidays, every child who is on the Transition to school is to get back the ability to the nursery to visit.

New visiting rules for hospitals and nursing homes

In hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly and facilities for the disabled, additional protective measures should be taken. In addition, the patients in hospitals, or the residents can be visited and the residents of a care facility, of a defined Person, as long as there is no active infection events in the establishment.

The concept of hygiene in the company

Every company in Germany, must now implement a hygiene concept for the protection of the employees. Not required contacts in the workforce and with customers, should continue to be avoided and the home work should continue to be preferred. Consulting is carried out by the occupational safety and health authorities and accident insurance institutions. It should also expect checks by the relevant authorities.

All the shops should open again

Under the observance of hygiene rules and under the control of the access to avoid queues, are allowed to open all the shops again. A maximum number of people, which is defined by the sales area apply.

Common sports in the fresh air, again

Under the open sky, outside of buildings, is the popular and recreational sports is allowed from now on. The sports Minister of the interior and sports Minister of the country, but a gradual re – entry into the training and competitions.

Gastronomy, tourism and culture

The arrangements for tourism and catering are reserved by the countries on their own responsibility. As a basis for decision-making is the country-specific infection dynamics is used. Generally speaking, a gradual Opening of the gastronomy and the tourist use of Hotels, pensions and apartments with Hygiene and distance concepts should be possible again. The countries left to the gradual Opening of the theatres, operas, concert houses and movie theaters, subject to conditions of Hygiene, and distance concepts remains.

Major events remain prohibited

At least until the 31. August events such as folk festivals, major sports events, with spectators, larger concerts, Festivals, village, town, road, wine on the left, protect says festivals or fair events continue below. The population had to assume that it will be in this area before the end of August, no loosening.

More decision-making freedoms of the countries

The countries themselves decide on the Opening of the remaining areas. This country-specific characteristics and the prevailing infection are happening in the background. So, the countries can decide independently on the step, Opening the way to the following areas:

  • Research in higher education,
  • The transition of child care in the restricted control operation,
  • Adult education centres, music schools, and other public and private educational institutions in and out of schools,
  • Bars, Clubs and discos,
  • Fairs,
  • Driving schools,
  • Services in the field of body care, such as beauty salons, massage clinics, Tattoo Studios and similar businesses
  • Sports operation in all public and private Indoor sports facilities, swimming and fun pools,
  • Fitness studios and similar facilities,
  • Of operation of other sports and leisure facilities, as well as the resumption of Competitive and performance sports,
  • smaller public or private events or celebrations as well as events without a fixed character,
  • Amusement parks and providers of leisure activities (indoors and outdoors),
  • Gambling halls, casinos, Betting outlets, and similar facilities,
  • Prostitution sites, brothels, and similar establishments.