Water demo in Berlin: initiators have the responsibility for rule breaches of

According to the “water demo” on Berlin’s landwehrkanal canal, the initiators, the “Rebellion of the dreamers” have now expressed.

In a Facebook Statement, they write: “yesterday We demonstrated our legitimate interests, and be aware of the action in the form of a water demo chosen in order to minimize the risk of infection as well as it goes.” The livelihoods of many of the artists are being threatened, they say. The aim of the event was to give those people a hearing.

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"No lead function in this Prozess"

Although the initiators of apology in her Statement for the “more than poorly chosen and totally inappropriate, Demo endpoint in front of a hospital”. However, you have the responsibility for all violations of. It is said in the Statement: "The Rebellion of the dreamers had no leading role in this process." Also, you have already prior to the start of the event "explicitly on the compliance with the security measures hingewiesen".

Around 1500 people were on Sunday to the "Wasserdemo" come together. The police had to intervene due to various violations. The organizers have completed the Assembly, “due to the non-compliance distances from each other and from complaints about loud music” after talking with the police in the early evening, it was said in the police report.

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