VisualDx provides CDS to American Medical Women's Academy

VisualDx this week announced that the American Medical Women's Academy, which is dedicated to advancing women in medicine and improving women’s health, will be able to use its platform for AI-enabled clinical research and decision support.

"As the healthcare industry continues to focus on improving diversity across all fronts, organizations like AMWA are doing critical work to ensure greater representation of women in this historically male-dominated field," said Dr. Nada Elbuluk, director of clinical impact at VisualDx.

CDS systems can assist providers in making skin-related diagnoses. Physicians, medical students and other AMWA members can use the support tools to enhance patient care and outcomes.

Capabilities include advanced clinical search, a library of medical images of longstanding and emergent skin diseases and patient communication tools.

"It’s so helpful to doctors newly in practice to craft a thorough and efficient differential diagnosis of a patient’s rash, as well as for seasoned dermatologists to use the image banks to share photos with patients so they know they are not alone in their diagnosis," said Dr. Elizabeth Kiracofe, a board-certified dermatologist and AMWA member.

A study funded by the LEO Innovation Lab found that using a visual clinical decision support system led to an increase in diagnostic accuracy and patient satisfaction.

According to the report published in 2020, patients liked when doctors looked things up and used imagery during visits, engaging them in medical decisions.

Access to decision support resources has also been found to eliminate bias and reduce missed diagnoses in people of color.

"We are proud to partner with this organization and work together towards a common goal of driving greater inclusion in medicine," said Elbuluk.

Andrea Fox is senior editor of Healthcare IT News.
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