These Celebs Lead Super Healthy Lifestyles

Stars are always conscious of the way they look, but not all of them go to the trouble to stay super fit and healthy. Those who do sometimes attract attention in a positive way and make use of their celebrity status to encourage other people to stay fit and healthy as well. Jane Fonda, who happens to be one of the early pioneers who promoted a healthy lifestyle, made a series of workout videos in the 80’s, and still maintains a social networking blog that assists enthusiasts to socialize with one another for encouragement.

Here is a list of 10 contemporary stars who live incredibly healthy lifestyles. 

Cameron Diaz

American actress and ex-model Cameron Diaz has an incredibly active outdoor lifestyle and abides by a good, healthy eating pattern. She works out in the gym frequently and also loves the thrill of many outdoor sports in and out of seasons, ranging from skiing to surfing. She went public, saying that she loves her body even more now than ever before, now that she is 45 years of age. Obviously, her healthy lifestyle has been good for her career, especially as she was termed the Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood in 2013.

Jessica Biel

The award-winning actress Jessica Biel is super-fit. As a child, she did gymnastics and played soccer. Today, she plays football, loves ballet, runs, hikes, and does yoga. She used to be a vegetarian and now she takes her fitness training diligently and has a trainer who guides her through regular stretches, cardio, and intense weight training. One of her feats includes climbing to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and now her eyes are set on Mount Everest.

Kate Beckinsale

Kathrin “Kate” Beckinsale, the English actress who is the daughter of two actors, made her first appearance on TV at the age of four. However, her father died suddenly when she was only five, and by fifteen she had experienced a nervous breakdown and developed anorexia. Against all odds, she now maintains a healthy weight and does regular fitness exercises. But she’s not much of a fitness person, as she doesn’t believe in excessive training and doesn’t take deliberate steps to ensure she has the perfect body – or so she says.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Known to be a workout freak, Gwyneth Paltrow has always watched her diet and health very carefully. At a point, she took her allegiance to good health to the extreme, maintaining a rather confusing macrobiotic diet. However, these days she’s become a bit more “normal” and recently published a cookbook that will appeal to people who are not fitness freaks, but who want to live a healthy lifestyle too. In her teens, she was a track star and good volleyball player, and now she has certainly become a role model. Perhaps that explains her passion for fitness.

Jake Gyllenhaal

A somewhat young star at the age of 34, who began his acting career when he was 10, Jake Gyllenhaal is a diligent barefoot runner and has positioned himself a goal to run a marathon. As an enthusiastic cook, he says he is into healthy eating and that he wilfully includes lots of fresh food in his day to day diet. He makes it a point of duty to shop at local farmers’ markets and has a vegetable garden at home. He was classified as one of People magazine’s top 50 most beautiful people in 2006, and also one of the hottest bachelors of the magazine in the same year. In 2012, he ranked sixth on Shalom Life’s list of the 50 “most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous” Jewish men. He’s not all hots after all.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, aka the original Spider-Man, is a successful award-winning American actor and producer who has been working for a good three decades. Very health conscious, he has maintained a no alcohol lifestyle since his teens, and he became a vegetarian in 1992 before transitioning to vegan in 2009. However, he often had to alter his diet so that he could either lose weight quickly – which he did by modifying his calorie intake for Seabiscuit – and by doing the opposite when he needed to gain weight for his lead role in Spider-Man 2. He is also an active participant in the America’s Healthy School Lunch Campaign.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has made it into lots of lists including one of the ‘top 50 hottest stars of all time’ (2005). As a child, she suffered unduly from illness and as a result didn’t have many friends. She also experienced obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) during her childhood. But beyond these experiences, she has had to stick to cooking her healthy meals from the age of 12 because her family was mostly overweight. She continually avoids processed foods, adhering diligently to only fresh, organic ingredients.

David Beckham

As a pro footballer, David Beckham has always needed to stay fit. Now a retired icon from football and a male model, at the age of 42 he needs to maintain his fitness and health – and of course, this is also part of his international image. He is known to stick to rigorous training sessions and eat properly as part of his incredible healthy lifestyle. He is also a no alcohol person and has pioneered a range of healthy meals to help children eat well.

Jennifer Aniston

Like Jessica Alba, the award-winning American actress Jennifer Aniston steers clear of processed foods and sticks to healthy produce, balancing protein with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. While married to heartthrob Brad Pitt for a fleeting five years, she was named one of the most beautiful women in 2004 in the People’s magazine. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. Besides eating well, Jennifer Aniston regularly exercises and does yoga, cardio training, and weight lifting to keep in shape.

Jennifer Lopez

A woman of multiple talents at the age of 48, Jennifer Lopez radiates the benefits of an incredibly healthy lifestyle. Initially a dancer, she keeps fit with regular exercise. Even after giving birth to her twins in 2008, she went ahead seven months later to complete a triathlon. She was reported to have excelled mostly in athletics (especially in national track championships) in school, rather than schoolwork. She says her diet is simply balanced and that she eats in moderation, and she is a no smoking and no alcohol person.


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