The next tourist Magnet open for tourists, but German do not want to

Greece wants to from 15. June is the tourist season to open. To target international flights to the Greek tourist would, from the 1. July gradually resumed, said the head of government Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday in a televised address. Thus, the government wants to boost the Coronavirus pandemic weakened economy. In Italy, from 3 to. June all the airports re-open.

From this date all domestic and international flights are allowed again, ‘ said Italy’s Minister of transportation Paola De Micheli in Rome on Wednesday. Italy had recently announced, also, from the 3. June to open up its borders again for tourists from the EU. In Greece on 23 were. March due to the Corona pandemic strict country-wide level of output restrictions in force. Gradually, the country is returning to normality. On Monday, the famous Acropolis in Athens, as well as all the other archaeological sites under the open sky were allowed to open again for visitors. 25. May want to also get in the Restaurants, in the country of operation.

The tourism industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy of Greece. In 2019, 33 million tourists visited according to the hotel chamber of the country. Athens had already been taken in February, measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The country has one of the lowest mortality rates in connection with the Coronavirus.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said, according to initial consultations with neighbouring and countries of German – confident to the removal of the travel restrictions before the summer holidays. "We hope that the worldwide travel warning, at least for the European Union in accordance with the 14. June again. pick up and through tiered travel advice replace können&quot…, he said on Wednesday. In the first two rounds it was &quot this goal;a good piece closer to gekommen".

Half of the Germans planning a holiday

Unlike in the past years, want to the most of the Germans due to the Corona of the crisis – now in the summer of 2020 not go away or a holiday in their own country. Half of the respondents, the plans are on their journey already in the Clear, to give, to stay at home as a survey by Infratest dimap on behalf of the consignment "ARD Extra" revealed. Looking back at the previous year, only slightly more than a quarter said to have no holiday in the summer. dpa/Clara Margais/dpa , The tour operator Tui reported a strong booking plus when traveling on the Balearic Islands, Greece and Portugal.

Nearly a third of plans this year, a summer vacation in Germany and almost one in five wants to travel to other European countries. Only a small proportion (three per cent) planning a summer vacation outside Europe. For comparison: For 2019, ten percent at least, to have done this.

Overall, only 15 percent were in the latest survey, still unsure about your holiday plans. Any relaxations for tourism in the coming weeks, the holiday project of the German could still affect.

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Juicing was never so easy! Brilliant lemon-Hack is to Viralhit

FOCUS Online juicing was never so easy! Brilliant lemon-Hack is to Viralhit