The fight against Corona: New vaccine trial brings hope – the price for this, try cruel animal

In the research for a vaccine against the Coronavirus, there is promising news from China, where a study gives serious cause for hope, as a virologist Christian Drosten explained. The carried out on animals are not experiments, however, for the faint of heart.

How long mankind needs to live with severe restrictions because of the Coronavirus pandemic, depends largely on the research for a suitable vaccine. A study from China, but hope that researchers are on the right track and a solution is in sight gauge, as a virologist Christian Drosten of the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" reveals.

In the study from Beijing, it is the development of an inactivated vaccine. This contains either only killed, not replicating pathogens or components of pathogens that stimulate the immune system to form antibodies without the disease outbreak. In Germany or America, another line of research is pursued, because, in General, the inactivated vaccine research is regarded as a easier but more risky way.


Drosten: "At the end of this study, it is already a bit taken aback da"

"At the end of this study, it is already a bit taken aback da", Drosten says nevertheless, on the results, "and I am sure that the discussions will be triggered in the vaccine development scene, but also beyond it in the society." The stages to these results, however, are for experts only, as the virologist explained, the trials, the animal as the last solution referred to.

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For the study, this developed good neutralizing antibody were first vaccinated rats, and mice. The Problem: The corona virus does not replicate well in rodents, accordingly, could be effected with these animals, no load test, induced infection with the SARS-CoV-2 Virus. According to skipping the researchers in this step, inoculated eight Rhesus monkeys and resulted in the aforementioned stress test.

What is a stress test now? For the faint of heart, he is definitely not. Four monkeys were given a low concentration of virus, four but an immensely oversized. Drosten speaks of one Million units of the Coronavirus – a virus, which would get a person in the case of a natural infection never. This was given to the anesthetized monkeys via a tube directly into the trachea.

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Drosten speaks of a last resort, the animals are "sacrificed and seziert"

"These are very special Tierversuche", Christian Drosten admit. "I’ve never watched an animal experiment in my career only, I don’t have Peeps again. That’s something for specialists in vaccine research, the tests such Monkeys as the “Ultima Ratio”, if it is really necessary." He stresses: "This is really an exception!"

Professor Christian Drosten: What do you know about the Coronavirus expert should

The results give the but really is reason to hope. "Both in the group, the much, as well as in the group that has received little Virus, there is a clear Schutz", analyzes Christian Drosten, "even against this very high loading dose of Virus." COVID-19 is not broke so. Subsequently, the monkeys were under anesthesia "sacrificed and seziert", as the virologist says, in order to examine the organs. Neither in the lung nor in other organs, was to find the Virus yet.

Drosten: This vaccine could be manufactured worldwide

What that means now with a view to the development of a vaccine for people? As it is, touch of the fabric against all known SARS-CoV-2-variations in the world. However, clinical studies in humans are needed. They need your time.

However, the fact is: The necessary production facilities would be largely available in the world, even in not so developed countries. The necessary Know-how is not difficult, stresses Drosten, "the Knowledge of many countries." In the case of a release of the vaccine could be nearly anywhere on the earth with its mass production.

Virologist Christian Drosten forecasts with a view on Germany, it &quot will;.a whole range of variation of vaccines to give, that might be this time next year also available – and perhaps before."

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