The colour of your clothes could be drawing mosquitoes in – what to wear

Dr Zoe explains why mosquitoes are attracted to red

Whether you’re having a picnic in your local park or enjoying alfresco drinks, summer outdoor activities can be easily hampered by mosquitoes.

The biting insects thrive in hot weather and can attack anywhere from your garden to your bedroom.

Fortunately, the wide range of products targeted at repelling mosquitoes can help keep the bloodsuckers away.

However, there might be an easier and cheaper way to banish everyone’s least favourite insect.

Mosquitoes don’t only seem to have a blood type preference but they also like some colours better than others.

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This means that planning what you’ll wear ahead of your evening adventures could offer protection from the biters.

Mosquitoes prefer dark areas, which means they are also attracted to dark clothes.

If your closet is dominated by black or navy blue items, it might be time to dig up those white and light-coloured pieces.

Wearing these colours could help repel the bloodsuckers.

Zahid Adnan, from The Plant Bible, told Homes & Gardens that white clothing can also be cooling to the skin in a way that could help stave off the annoying insects.

Adnan said: “Dark colours tend to retain heat, and mosquitoes are drawn to heat and carbon dioxide, which we naturally emit.

“Therefore, wearing lighter-coloured clothing can potentially make you less appealing to mosquitoes.”

Adnan added that you should consider making your outdoor furniture or even light-coloured plants into your lawn.

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Another colour to avoid wearing during summer evenings is red, according to Dr Zoe Williams.

The doctor previously told ITV: “They see the red pigment in the skin and that’s what attracts them to us.

“By wearing red, we’re drawing them in.

Therefore, avoiding this colour when choosing your summer outfit could also help.

While switching up your summer wardrobe could help reduce your risk of getting bitten, Dr Zoe insisted that it’s crucial to wear repellent.

She added: “The most important way to protect yourself from mosquitoes is to use DEET.”

DEET describes the active ingredient in repellents that is used to ward off the biters.

The exact concentration of this ingredient will determine how long your protection will last.

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