Tennis, Golf, water-sports: state to loosen strict sporting rules – what applies now

After a week long by the Corona-crisis, the gradual prohibition of follow relaxations in the Sport. Also here is a patchwork of rules again, the rules and requirements differ in the individual Federal States. All of the information you read in the large Federal States-Overview with FOCUS Online.

Gyms: the Association shall present the concept for the re-opening

Even the gyms are closed in the länder, appointments for an Opening are yet only in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. The German industry Association for Fitness and health e. V. (DIFG) is now pressure on the government and calls for a timely re-opening. On Monday, the DIFG presented a concept with the report, which was submitted by the TU Munich and the University of Düsseldorf.

The concept contains a 5-point Plan:

What this means in concrete terms, the scientists have listed in a check list for the gym-owner. A guaranteed minimum distance of 1.50 meters between the devices and the user, the mouth-nose protection is mandatory or at least recommend, more frequent Cleaning and Disinfecting, and reception staff with a pane of Plexiglas to protect include, for example,.

Also contactless payment should be possible, as well as the number of members in the Studio is limited. The Fitness offer to adjust, no high-intensity loads, prefer strength training, moderate endurance training. Saunas are to be opened are closed, swimming pools only, if a minimum distance is ensured.

The Federal government and the countries allow the re-Training of leisure sports

The Federal government and the Länder want to allow due to the Corona pandemic interrupted training operations in a Wide and recreational sports under the open sky again. On German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister presidents of the countries in their deliberations on Wednesday agreed on how the German press Agency learned from participants circles. Individual länder have already announced before loosening. All information and conditions you can read in the Overview.

Baden-Württemberg: Outdoor allows sports again soon

Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, a further loosening of the Corona-the rules of the Sport in prospect: Starting next week (11 to come. May) to "contactless outdoor sports" in Baden-Württemberg again be allowed. This Sport is meant to be outside, in the distance, rules are unproblematic met could be – for example, Golf, athletics and Tennis.

From Pentecost to fitness studios, dance schools, gyms, visitor centres and theme parks re-open.

Bavaria: gyms are closed

From Monday (11. May) is "– contact individual sports with distance" such as Tennis, athletics, Golf, sailing, horse-riding (in the hall) or flight sport is allowed again. The Bavarian state government. The interior Ministry will also develop, in cooperation with sports federations and in consultation with the Ministry of health a concept for further relaxations in the Sport.

Gyms remain closed.

Berlin: swimming pools remain closed

Sport and exercise in the fresh air, such as Cycling, Running, Jogging or walking in Berlin alone, in the company of persons from the own household or in the company of a single other Person is allowed to be shared, the Berlin government.

Athletes should make sure to take into account the General spacing and hygiene measures. A rigorous cough and Niesetikette belong to, compliance with the Minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other persons, as well as the thorough washing of hands after the Sport. Rest breaks in the Parks – such as on a Park bench, in compliance with the Minimum distance allowed. Who sits on a Lawn or green area, must comply with an increased minimum distance of 5 meters.

Sports clubs are allowed to your training operation in the Free on 15. May resume. The first is to be in smaller groups, such as the head of the government Michael Müller (SPD) announced on Wednesday.

The beach and pools , may 25. May be re-opened. The respective operators have to obtain in front of the Opening with a use and the concept of Hygiene, the approval of the sports management.

Gyms remain closed.

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

Brandenburg: Sport in the nature is possible

Individual sports and exercise in the fresh air is expressly permitted: Walking, Jogging, Cycling. But here, too, distance and hygiene rules apply. The temporary stay on public benches, meadows, or open land, while maintaining the distance regulation from 1,5 meters allows.

Gatherings in Clubs , whether sports club or other club – are still prohibited. Not access is prohibited on the club premises if the club can guarantee the compliance with the applicable distance – and hygiene rules. The joint Training at the club in groups is forbidden, individual Sport, either alone or together (for example, Tennis or Golf) is allowed if the club can adhere to the terrain the distance requirement is clear.

Water sports: for Example, motor boats, sailing boats, surf boards, paddle boats, rowing boats or Stand-up-Paddle-boards are allowed, in compliance with the spacing and hygiene rules to be used. The commercial boat rental remains, in consultation with the competent local authorities permitted, as well as the limited operation of Marinas and ports. Who has his boat on the site of such a company, you can use it.

Gyms remain closed.

The sport mode on and in public and private sports facilities, swimming pools, dance studios, as well as the operation of spas, Wellness centres and similar facilities is prohibited.

Bremen: Jogging is ok – fitness studios to stay

In Bremen &quot is;low contact sports" like for example, Jogging, rowing, Tennis, or Golf on the public sports areas, Parks and club facilities since 25. April allowed again. Distance regulations must be strictly adhered to.

The sport remains for the time being, even gyms are closed. Except for the 25. April Outdoor sports facilities, where Hygiene policies are followed.

Hamburg: Individual sports is allowed, soon, Team sports

Individual sports Outdoor in Hamburg, which is now possible. Next Wednesday is also a Team Sport again be allowed. Hamburg’s Interior and the Senator for Sport, Andy Grote (SPD): "From next Wednesday (13. May) we want to give all Outdoor sports free, if they are exercised in a contact-free and with the one and a half meters distance to take place."

Also, the Training of certain elements in the soccer like scoring and the passing game is then possible. Games, however, not because they can’t take place without contact. Showers and Changing rooms in the club is prohibited, the use of the toilets is allowed. He didn’t have to send the police to the courts, said the Senator for the interior, threatened to do so, but fines for disregard of the rules of conduct.

In a further step, to the authorities of the Sport in halls and fitness studios deal. This should happen in the second half of may. Also, since the distance rule is to prevent the risk of infection.

A concept for the use of outdoor and indoor swimming pools to be presented at the beginning of June. "The theme is not Swimming. The Problem is the Umkleidesituationen&quot are always;, Grote said.

In Tennis, a double is allowed for the time being, only if the budget comes together. This also applies to the use of recreational boats. Bowling and skittles are not currently possible. "Because we need good Konzepte", the politician said and pointed to the distance rule.

Fanansammlungen in front of the stadiums of the football League, and were second division allowed, said the Senator for the interior and insured: "Then the police will step in." The numerous Corona Tests with the 36 professional teams with your functional teams should pay the clubs themselves. Grote: "That would be even nicer, if the is paid by the General public."

Hesse: Soon, the gyms open

So far, prohibited recreational sports is in the state of Hesse, Saturday (9. May) will be restricted again. He had to contact-free and with a minimum of 1.5 metres between individual persons exercised, informed Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) on Thursday.

In some sports, such as Tennis, Golf or rowing this is not a Problem, especially team sports, will have to but consider special forms of training that remove themselves far from the actually Competition. Also bowling alleys, squash courts, climbing gyms and Indoor playgrounds can open from Saturday again.

Also halls to starting on Saturday (9. May)be re-opened. "We will, of course, still have limitations. We will not be able to open up the Changing rooms and showers yet again. If the sportspeople to come in sports clothing to sports sites, we believe it is reasonable that sports take place kann", interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) said on Thursday (7. May).

Gyms could from the age of 15. May re-open.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: sports halls to stay

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is individual sport or sports to second on outdoor sports facilities, such as sports or tennis courts are allowed. "So, you can run, for example, alone or together on the sports field a few laps or a game of tennis verabreden", it is stated in the notice of the government. The Distance requirement is to be complied with.

Club and recreational sports from 11. MayAlso be used for training groups in the spreading and leisure sport, it is from next Monday to possible, on sports fields and sports-outdoor facilities to be active. The have decided, the state government on its closed meeting on Thursday, according to the Ministry of social Affairs, Integration and gender equality on 8. May with.

The sports halls in the country will remain closed, as well as fitness studios.

Lower Saxony: free baths until the end of may to

Non-contact sports, such as athletics or Tennis as well as Outdoor sports facilities are since 6. May be allowed, provided a minimum distance of 1.50 metres is maintained. Free baths and leisure parks-may 25. May to again receive visitors.

Public and private sports facilities, swimming and fun pools, gyms, saunas, and similar establishments remain closed.

North Rhine-Westphalia: non-Contact recreational sports, and fitness studios

North Rhine-Westphalia allowed from Thursday (6. May) re-contact sport and the training Outdoor. The NRW state government announced on Wednesday in Düsseldorf to a Federal-state-Switch to the Corona-crisis. The precondition is the compliance of 1.5 m is the distance between the sports.

Fitness studios, dance schools and training rooms of sport clubs in North Rhine-Westphalia from 11. May under strict conditions to re-open. 20. May may free-open bathrooms – however, with the exception of fun baths. The NRW state government announced on Wednesday in Düsseldorf to a Federal-state-Switch to the Corona-crisis.

30. May may sports enthusiasts, even in areas with unavoidable body contact back to your sports exercise. The hall baths may 30. May again start operating.

To Laschet according to Reporter question Söder is suddenly Bucky

FOCUS Online/Wochit According to Reporter question to Laschet will Söder suddenly Bucky

Rhineland-Palatinate: Individual and pair sports

Rhineland-Palatinate is not allowed in the Corona pandemic, leisure and recreational Outdoor sports again. The Minister-President Malu Dreyer (SPD) has reported on the 6. Mai in Mainz, Germany. Competitions should not give it but still. Certain Individual and some sports such as Tennis or Golf were since 20. April again been allowed.

Saarland: "Contact Arms Freiluftsportarten" allowed

In the Saarland &quot are;contact arms Freiluftsportarten" such as Tennis or Golf, with a maximum of five participants allowed again. The training of individual sports in General and the leisure sector can be included under certain conditions. In Rhineland-Palatinate this has already been a two weeks.

Operation of sports halls, sports grounds, sports facilities, sports facilities and fitness studios , as well as their benefits is, in principle, prohibited.

Saxony: Also club sports is possible

Since the 4. May Individual as well as club sports under the open sky again possible – so, on lawns and tennis courts, or running tracks. "We will not exclude any types of sports, but on the condition that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters, as well as the applicable hygiene regulations. Also, when you workout in the fresh air, we need to be aware of the fact that we us to a risk of infection aussetzen", so the Minister of the interior Roland woeller (CDU).

So respect, for example, as the Distance is important that the Training takes place in small groups and hands is adhered to hygiene. Sports equipment must be cleaned after the workout.

Indoor sports facilities, gyms and swimming pools remain for the audience to remain closed.

Saxony-Anhalt: clubs are allowed to train

The Sport is Outdoors and in groups of a maximum of 5 people allowed, a contact must be excluded. Competitions remain prohibited – changing rooms, sports restaurants, and similar locked, spectators are prohibited. This follows the recommendations of the Minister of sport conference, as the Interior and sports Ministers Holger Stahlknecht (CDU) said.

A concrete catalogue of permitted sports in the country, not sets. In addition to examples such as horse riding, table tennis, Tennis, athletics and rowing, as well as football Training in small groups is according to the steel servant possible – if distance is kept.

Also training in the Clubs be allowed, but under strict conditions.

Only summer temperatures, black ice – Eisheilige bring violent Storms

The Weather Channel Only summer temperatures, black ice – Eisheilige bring violent Storms

Schleswig-Holstein: Amateur football is allowed

In Schleswig-Holstein is Outdoor sports since 4. May is again possible, if he successes in a contact-free, stressed Minister of the interior Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack. The land Ordinance does not differentiate between types of sport. The only condition is compliance with the distance bid and the hygiene rules. In football, nothing to speak of, for example, against a penalty or free kick training, combat training was not, however, be allowed to continue. In addition, should your home be showered.

In the northernmost Federal state is one of Amateur football to the, respecting the distance rule, and sanitary regulations under the sky train is allowed. In almost all other States for training applies to the area of the Amateur football ban.

Indoor sports is currently in Schleswig-Holstein is prohibited. From the age of 18. May indoor sports with distance, and in compliance with the hygiene provisions will be allowed. The government sets out quite deliberately, no sports. The sport associations have developed for their members and, in particular, the Trainer concepts. In table tennis, the individual training, not double, for example. In Handball distance not go throws, two combat training.

The sport mode on and in public and private sports facilities, e.g. swimming and fun pools, fitness studios, continues to be prohibited.

Marinas must re-restricted operation, provided that the showers and common areas, with the exception of the toilet rooms during the day, remain closed.

Thuringia: spas and fitness studios are closed

In Thuringia are individual sporting activities in the fresh air, such as walking, Jogging or Cycling possible, according to the free state. Here, too, should at any time be at a distance of at least 1.50 meters respected. Activities with persons outside of the household are to be avoided.

For individual sports, the use of facilities and equipment under the open sky, to the extent that the carrier of the device or attachment in an Opening expressly agrees to. Swimming, leisure and adventure pools as well as fitness studios are closed.

In Thuringia, sid