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Quick and easy: Exercises for back pain

Weight gain and back pain – in the home office a number of risks for physical ailments to lurk, if the long periods of time Sitting will not be in combination with a lack of exercise out of it. This series of Exercises can be carried out easily and quickly at home, and strengthen the areas that will be impacted by the Work in the home office particularly.

The back suffers from the home office: Long periods of Sitting is poison for our muscles. The movement is missing and the right office Equipment: After several weeks the home office on the kitchen chair, the back suffers. Against complaints only two things – movement and targeted muscle training to help. The campaign for Healthy backs (AGR) recommends that the following four Exercises to perform at home.

Forearm support

The forearm supporting the back, buttocks, thighs, and neck form a line. To do this, you lie flat on the belly and apart, feet are hip width apart. You rely on your forearms, which are positioned approximately shoulder-width apart, and your toes.


A real classic among the fitness exercises, which calls for the whole body. The arms are positioned shoulder-width under the chest. In the Original Version they support now, with the tips of your toes while you fall slowly and controlled with a tense body towards the Mat and then back up press. The knees form a straight line with the ankles and hips. Tip: beginners can deduct instead of the tips of the toes, the knees on the ground.

Leg extension

With the leg extension of the rear thigh muscles stretching. It is often the cause of discomfort in the lower back area. For the Exercise, you lay stretched out on his back, grasping with the hands a bit and pull it with just a steady leg in the direction of the torso. Who would like to intensify the stretch, you can pull the toes in addition to easy in the direction of the thigh.

Veins pump

Those who sit a long time, which should stimulate its blood circulation. For this purpose, the venous pump Exercise is suitable. The national Institute for work design of North Rhine-Westphalia, describes in a brochure so: they stand upright, feet shoulder width. Now stand on the tips of the toes, rolls back to the heel, lift the toes. You roll back on your toes and repeat the Exercise 10 to 15 Times in a quiet and steady pace. (vb; Source: dpa/tmn)

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