Social distancing completed wave of Flu early

After in March in a plurality of stages of Social-distancing measures against the spread of the Coronavirus have been taken, are diseases of the respiratory system decreased significantly. Also, this year’s flu wave was abruptly terminated, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Because the SARS will be transferred to CoV-2 in the same way as other pathogens from coughs, colds or the flu, to the conclusion that the measures also help Covid-19 curb.

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Due to the same transmission paths can be estimated on the basis of the decrease of respiratory diseases like flu and Influenza, and how effective the measures taken against Covid-19: According to the latest Figures from the RKI the Rate is since the beginning of March has dropped significantly. A significant and steady drop over the course of several weeks in adults is not uncommon and has been observed in the past three years. In particular, a faster end of the this year’s wave of Influenza since the 13. Calendar week (21.-27.3.) is recognisable in the data. According to the RKI &quot give;these indicators […] a clear indication that the dissociation measures for slowing the spread of respiratory infections are effective."

It can take up to two weeks until symptoms occur after an infection with the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. After that, it again takes a few days until the disease is diagnosed and &ndash is reported; only then will you be included in the statistics. Therefore, up to three weeks may elapse before the reflected the effect of measures to reduce contacts in the disease figures. From the 9. March were canceled in Germany, large-scale events, on 16. In March, the schools were closed, and since the 23. March is a prohibition of extensive nationwide Contact.