Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

For relationship and love enthusiasts, the five love languages are like the sexy cousin of astrology and Meyers Briggs personality types. They get people into thinking not just how they show affection but how they receive it and offer a glimpse into how the subtle actions and communications that make up the bulk of any relationship actually translate for the folks involved. Plus, they’re just fun.

For the uninitiated, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman is the book where these ideas come from. Basically, Chapman suggests that these five ways of expressing love — words of affirmation, acts of service, gift-giving or receiving, physical touch and quality time — are fundamental ways to understand how we show the people we care about that we care about them. It’s really sweet, yes, and it helps you get a better read on what your partner is communicating to you (even if they aren’t a words of affirmation kind of person).

So maybe your partner isn’t great a saying the perfect, sweetest words when you need to hear them most but they’re willing to do the dishes for you even when it’s supposed to be your turn. Odds are, they aren’t a “words of affirmation” person but are most definitely an “act of service person.” Or, let’s say, you hate receiving gifts but love cuddle time on the couch — you are not a “gift” person but are totally a “quality time” person. Make sense? Take the quiz if you’re not totally sure.

If you know your partner’s love language, here’s our advice on the best sexy Valentine’s Day presents you can pick up for them to blow them away. (Just make sure they don’t capital-H Hate receiving gifts first — because that’d defeat the purpose).

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Physical Touch: Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

If you wanted to experiment with CBD in your sex life, Foria’s arousal oil is a great way to heighten just about all the sexy sensations while decreasing discomfort and keeping vulva-owners very, very happy.

Physical Touch: LELO Massage Candle

If you want a two-fer out of your massage products, this candle that doubles as a sensual massage oil will keep you satsified. The oil is made of a natural soy wax, plus shea butter and apricot kernel oil to keep you moisturized but not greasy. 

Physical Touch: Rub Me Massage Bar

You won’t be able to wait to get your hands on your partner with this sweet massage bar during a sweet couple’s bath time. Plus this bar will melt quickly with your body temperature to keep things moving smoothly as everything heats up.

Words of Affirmation: LUX Touch and Voice Activated Vibrator

Much like your loved one with a Words of Affirmation LL, this vibe is turned on by the sound of your voice. 

Words of Affirmation: A Sex Journal

Journaling is always a good way to get your deepest, most special thoughts out into the world. This sex journal lets you and your word nerd partner share those thoughts together (with the option to flip back through and recite the greatest hits during future sessions). 

Acts of Service: Tango’s Control Kit

Dabbling with BDSM is a fun way for partners who enjoy acts of service to enjoy the power play that comes with that service. Tango’s subscription box for couples helps you start learning about the “art of control” in a safe, smart and fun way. Try out one box or sign up for one of their other monthly plans. 

Acts of Service: Lioness Vibrator

Lioness is a super smart, high-tech vibrator that records data on your orgasms as you use it. If you want to provide a forever service to your partner, give them access to all that information and seriously level-up your sex.

Gifts: LELO TOR 2

A vibrating penis ring that’s prettier than the rest, TOR is a great gift for your partner to help them last longer and get more out of sex. Which is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Lovehoney x We-Vibe Seventh Heaven Romance Gift Box

What better way to shower a gift-loving partner with affection than with multiple days of gifts. This calendar gift box has seven days of toys, suprises and treats to keep y’all entertained all week long. 

Quality Time: Tango’s Presence kit

When the sex is good, it definitely counts as quality time. But no sex feels so deeply connected and high quality as tantric sex. Inspired by that meditative, thoughtful and mindful approach to sex, Tango’s Presence kit lets you and your partner really luxuriate in eachother’s company. 

Quality Time: Edible Chocolate Body Paint

Take your sweet time covering your partner with this chocolate body paint and you’re sure to enjoy every intimate moment. Plus, the quality time only continues when it comes time to lick the paint off. 

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