Priyanka Chopra Shares How Her Priorities Changed Since Welcoming Baby Malti: ‘I Like To Be There When She Wakes Up’

Motherhood changes you — in ways you never could have predicted. One of those ways for Priyanka Chopra Jonas? Just how much time she would want to spend with her beautiful baby daughter Malti Marie, who she shares with husband Nick Jonas. 

The Citadel actress and model is one busy woman — and she has several projects coming down the pipeline like Love Again, Ending Things, and Sheela to name a few — but she is ready to slow down a bit. In an interview for Us Weekly’s Most Powerful Women issue, Chopra Jonas revealed that she “had to reduce [her] pace” career-wise in order to focus on Malti. 

“Like, I cannot do as many things as I used to,” she told Us Weekly. “Because I like to get home for bath time. I like to be there when she wakes up. Those are things that are important to me. … So I can’t do as much, but still, you figure it out, you know?”

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As a mom myself, yes, I do know! You want to keep up with work, maintain social commitments, travel, live your life, but it all falls secondary to the love you have for your kids. Chopra Jonas wants to be there for every intimate moment that makes motherhood so special, and I admire that so much about her.

Yet, she and Jonas are still able to jet off around the world to follow their dreams (and you can too!) with the help of a village. 

“My mom’s around, Nick’s parents come in when we have to travel,” she told the outlet. “Both of us have to travel, but you kind of make it work. It takes a village and she’s the greatest gift of our lives.”

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Chopra Jonas has the “village” mentality of raising her daughter thanks to her own parents’ influence. “I was raised by a working mother and father and … you just kind of [juggle everything],” she said. “You rely on the community around you. I was raised by my grandmom, my grandparents when my mom and dad would be at work. And we do the same [for Malti].”

In an interview with British Vogue last month, Chopra Jonas revealed that one of her favorite parts of the day is the mornings with Malti. “I have, like, seven cameras in her room,” the Quantico star told the outlet. “There’s really nothing more satisfying than seeing her face as soon as her eyes open.”

During the same interview, she revealed, “It’s been 20 years of hustling and working at breakneck speed. I’ve always been like, ‘What’s the next thing?’ But now I feel I have a centre, a sense of calm, because every decision ends up being about her.”

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