McDonald's, Tesco, Lidl and more have tape on the floor to encourage distancing

If you’ve been out lately (don’t unless you really have to – stay home as much as you can!), you may have noticed some markings on the floor.

Whether you’re popping out for essentials or for a quick bite because there’s nothing in stores, you might have seen tape around some of your usual faves.

It’s very important you pay attention to these.

McDonald’s, Lidl, Tesco, and Walmart are just a few of the superstores carving out marks to illustrate to customers just how far they should distance themselves from one another.

To halt the spread of coronavirus, people have been warned by health officials to stand apart.

The coronavirus is spread from person to person when someone with the infectious virus coughs or sneezes as respiratory droplets can land on you.

So people in close proximity are obviously at higher risk.

While that distance doesn’t mean you definitely won’t from catch it, it’s a good measure to take to lower your chances.

With that in mind, these stores have been trying their best to keep customers away from one another but sadly some have ignored it.

While other stores are implementing the same move, many have said on social media that not everyone is paying attention to them.

If you see them, please stay within the markings. Even if you don’t, try your hardest to stay as far away as possible to the person nearest to you.

Here are some of the stores with the tape markings:

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