Introducing Meteor™ chips on the IsoSpark™ platform: Advancing handsfree quantitative proteomics

In a significant development, we are pleased to introduce Meteor™ chips on the IsoSpark™ platform, marking a major step forward in high-throughput, quantitative, and automated bulk proteomics. This advancement promises to simplify research processes and expedite scientific progress.

Meteor chips on the IsoSpark platform: The advantages

Automated Analysis and User-Friendly

Meteor chips simplify proteomic workflows. Researchers can move from sample to results swiftly, with minimal hands-on time and a single pipette action per sample. This eliminates the complexities often associated with traditional proteomics.

Impressive high throughput

Meteor chips redefine high throughput. A single run with four chips can handle 80 sample wells in triplicate. Initial Meteor chip panels offer a 10-plex setup, providing 2400 data points per run. This high throughput opens new avenues for research across various fields, from oncology to drug development.

Quantitative insights into cellular function

Each Meteor chip run includes triplicate recombinant standards, enabling on-site quantitative analysis. This feature empowers researchers to gain a thorough understanding of cellular proteomics, enabling deeper insights into cellular functions.

Real-world success stories

Dr. Sarah J. Parker, co-director of Proteomics and Metabolomics at the Cedars Sinai Smidt Heart Institute said of the Meteor chip: “As a core facility, we have experience with other ELISA platform workflows that require sample preparation and a lot of manual steps.

In comparison, the Meteor chip is extremely easy to use since it streamlines sample preparation and automates many of the things we do in the lab. The 10-plex available from the Meteor chip matches what we typically perform on other platforms while the lower sample volume gives us more leeway with our use cases. Finally, we like how the data analysis is fully automated in IsoSpeak® software which gives us easy-to-access visualizations and insights into our samples.”

Experience Meteor at BioProcess International 2023

PhenomeX invites you to explore the potential of Meteor chips at the BioProcess International 2023 meeting, held from September 18-21 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Visit Booth #1152 to see this how this innovative technology can simplify proteomics research and accelerate scientific advancements.

Visit the Meteor page to discover how this innovation is reshaping proteomics, offering simplicity, high throughput, and quantitative insights to drive future discoveries in cellular biology.

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