Ina Garten Calls Her Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 'Old-Fashioned Jewish Comfort Food' & Says They're Perfect for a Cold Winter Day

Winter is the best time to fill up on good old-fashioned home cooking. Make your grandma’s favorite chili, pull out that cherished chicken pot pie recipe, or make your favorite comfort food over and over. It’s the season of warm foods that make you happy — so embrace it! Ina Garten certainly is, and her latest recipe is a favorite Jewish comfort food that sounds so good.

Jewish comfort foods are common around Hanukkah — like brisket, latkes, matzah ball soup, and more — but they can be enjoyed any time of winter. The Barefoot Contessa is making something just as good: stuffed cabbage rolls!

“Stuffed cabbage is like old-fashioned Jewish comfort food,” Garten says in a video posted to the Food Network YouTube channel yesterday. “It’s going to be really nice and cozy on a cold winter day,” she adds.

Is your mouth watering yet? Garten then walks viewers how to make the her Stuffed Cabbage a la Contessa, which requires three main elements: a meat mixture, cabbage, and tomato sauce.

First, she shows us how to make the tomato sauce which she says “is so delicious, its sweet and sour.” You’ll use onions, crushed tomatoes, raisins, and more, which is mixed together in a saucepan. Next, she makes the meat mixture using ground chuck and other ingredients. The last step is the cabbage, which she prepares first by blanching it. Of course, she shows you how to do it step-by-step, making it super simple!

When you’re ready to combine all three, start by scooping the meat filling into the cabbage leaves, then rolling it up. Put the rolled cabbage on top of the tomato sauce in a pot, then add a little more tomato sauce at the very end. The whole thing cooks for about an hour, creating a mouth-watering meal.

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“Yummmm! This sounds so good right now. ❤️” one person commented. Another wrote, “That is fantastic sauce.”

“This is easy and one can prepare much of it ahead,” someone else noted. “Great recipe for a nice hot dinner that needn’t be fancy, but thoughtful.”

Get Garten’s full Stuffed Cabbage a la Contessa recipe HERE.

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