Im a PT – here are two exercises to get rid of bingo wings

Certain areas of the body tend to accumulate fat more than others, namely the hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

For a lot of people, upper arm fat can be quite stubborn and difficult to eliminate.

But Gary Lockwood, CEO of 24/7 Fitness, who has spent many years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, said certain exercises could help.

Gary said: “When addressing the issue of ‘bingo wings’ or loose skin around the arms, the most effective approach is targeted resistance training, focusing on the biceps and triceps.

“This kind of training helps to firm up the area by building muscle, which in turn reduces the appearance of loose skin.”

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Gary said the ideal exercises for this are bicep curls and tricep pull-downs.

He added: “We recommend incorporating these exercises into your routine twice a week. Consistency is key here.”

For those wanting to build muscle in these areas, it involves entering a state known as hypertrophy, explained Gary, where the muscle fibres increase in size.

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He advised: “This is best achieved through progressive overload, which involves gradually increasing weight or resistance to challenge your muscles over time.”

In terms of seeing results, it varies from person to person based on factors like genetics, diet, and overall fitness level.

But if you’re consistent with your routine and follow the principles of hypertrophy, said Gary, you can start to see changes in a few months.

He added: “Additionally, reducing body fat can significantly enhance the results. Women often carry more fat around their arms, contributing to the appearance of bingo wings.

“By combining muscle-strengthening exercises with a fat-reduction strategy, you’ll likely see quicker and more pronounced improvements.

“It’s important to view this as a holistic process, encompassing both resistance training and overall body fitness, for the best outcomes.”

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