I 'died and went to heaven' – I'm grateful I got to see the other side

Life’s a beach: Woman, 32, who claims she died and came back to life reveals what the afterlife is like: ‘There was sand and a strange man’

  • A 32-year-old woman claimed to be dead for 40 seconds
  • She passed out during an MRI scan and was diagnosed with a fainting condition
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A woman who claims she died and came back to life has revealed what it’s like on the other side.

Courtney Santiago, 32, said she was dead for about 40 seconds during the ordeal but that it ‘felt like a lifetime’.

Ms Santiago underwent a breast MRI scan In July of last year, which she regularly does due to having a gene that puts her at risk of breast cancer.

After the IV was inserted, her body went into shock and her heart rate and blood pressure plummet. Within seconds she lost consciousness.

In a video on TikTok, Ms Santiago said ‘There was no concept of time whatsoever, just the feeling of complete peace.’ 

‘I wasn’t worried about leaving behind my body, my life, my son or my family and friends- none of that felt important,’ she said. 

She slipped into a ‘dream state,’ where she was standing on the beach in front of a man whom she had never met but felt like she had known forever.

Courtney Santiago, 32, claims she had a near-death experience after passing out during a routine MRI. ‘I wasn’t worried about leaving behind my body, my life, my son or my family and friends- none of that felt important,’ she said 

The man told her everything was okay and that it wasn’t her time to go yet. 

Suddenly, her surroundings began to change. She was in the mountains, then the backyard of her childhood home, and other places in which she felt most connected to nature.

Intensive care doctor reveals five things patients on the brink of death experience remember

Medics quizzed more than two dozen patients in the US and Britain whose hearts suddenly stopped while in hospital but then recovered. 

Their experiences included ‘evaluating life’, such as seeing memories replay and assessing how they had treated others during their time alive. 

Some patients recalled feeling the effects of the CPR on their bodies while it was taking place (file image)

Ms Santiago claimed that once she woke up, she was unable to speak and her body felt completely stiff. 

Tests revealed she had vasovagal syncope, a condition in which patients faint from overreacting to certain triggers, such as blood or emotional distress. As a response, your heart rate and blood pressure drop, reducing blood flow to the brain. This causes you to briefly lose consciousness. 

While the heart can drop for up to 10 seconds, the condition isn’t life threatening. 

‘I’m 100 percent certain what I saw was the ‘in-between’ and was much more than a fainting episode,’ Ms Santiago said. 

In a series of TikTok videos, Ms Santiago said she had a feeling that something could go wrong during the MRI. ‘When we die, we’re not gone and where we go, we’re happy,’ she said. 

Weeks before the episode, she had suffered a bad breakup and the death of a friend. This could have contributed to the near-death experience, she said.

A near-death experience (NDE) is triggered during a singular life-threatening situation, such as when the body is severely injured or someone’s heart stops. 

Experts believe that 10 to 20 percent of people whose hearts have stopped have a near-death experience. 

This is five percent of the overall population.  

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