Gemini Season 2020 Is Here To Help Save Your Social Life

It’s been hard to spend some solid time on your friends lately, especially since you can’t exactly see them IRL. Not to mention, all the other stuff you’ve got going on RN—work needs to be tackled, at-home workouts need to get crushed and, of course, there are a zillion other basic, everyday things (laundry, dishes, etc.) that need doing.

But relief is here in the form of Gemini season, and it’s going to feel sooo good. Gemini season runs from May 21, 2020 through June 20, 2020, and it’s one of 12 astrological seasons that happen every month. Each astrological season has its own thing going on, and that can impact all areas of your life.

During Gemini season, you’ll be all about socialising as much as possible, if not more. But that just scratches the surface of what’s in store for your zodiac sign. Here’s everything you can expect, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer.


What does Gemini season mean for your sign?

The whole season is emphasising Venus in retrograde, which will make you want to look back over the things you want and go absolutely bananas on it. There’s one major thing you’re going to realise you really, really miss (as if you haven’t already): Spending QT with your best buds. You’ll dive into virtual meetups, and do your best to just go back to having good, honest, upbeat chats with your squad.

There’s more air energy flowing during Gemini season (ICYDK, Gem is an air sign), and that’ll make you want to get out and just be in nature. Maybe you’ll start going for hikes, or just chill on your stoop. As long as fresh air is involved, you’re there.

At the same time, you’ll have a solid craving for life to just ~flow~ a little more. All that stressful stuff swirling around can take a seat. Instead, you’ll be all-in with having fun and doing the exact opposite of being serious. (Impromptu dance party, anyone?)

Mars, the planet of action, is also shifting into Pisces during this time. That’ll make you want to go at your own pace, whether it’s savouring the bottom of a pint of ice cream or dealing with a looming work deadline. Things will get done, sure, but you want to do it on your terms.

Gemini season will impact every sign, but Page says Gemini and Sagittarius will feel it the most.

How will Gemini season affect the rest of your year?

Getting your social life back on track is huge. You’ll start to feel like yourself again and appreciate even little moments with your BFF, like laughing over the latest Uninspired Unemployed post or debating when, exactly, The Bachelor will return. 

Your new turn as the outdoorsy type will keep on going, too. Heck, maybe you’ll even plan a camping trip for later in the year. Because why not?!

As for how you handle stress, learning to push the anxiety-inducing stuff aside (as much as you actually can) and doing your best to do what needs to get done at your speed will help you be better equipped to tackle any crap that comes your way in the future. Hopefully it won’t be much but, ya know, life happens.

What’s the next zodiac season?

When Gemini season comes to a close, it’ll make way for Cancer season, which runs from June 21 through July 22, 2020. During Cancer season, you’ll be a little more emotional than usual. Not in a bad way, necessarily—just a being human kind of way.

Until then, enjoy having a loaded social calendar again. It’s about damn time.

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