Coronavirus: What is the danger really?

The Chinese metropolis of Wuhan is under quarantine, the world health organization advises a crisis meeting, whether of an international health emergency is to declare daily and the number of cases continues to rise – currently on about 500 persons. A novel Coronavirus provides currently for excitement. How much cause for concern in Europe?

Virus köcould snakes come

The emergence of the new Coronavirus is associated with a fish market in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan in the context on the trade in wild animals is operated. Chinese scientists, according to a genetic analysis that the Virus is probably jumped from snakes to humans. Meanwhile, people are suffering, who have not resided in the aforementioned market, as well as medical personnel. A human-to-human Transmission is regarded as safe. The novel Coronavirus triggers flu-like symptoms such as fever and difficulty breathing. Externally it is due to this Virus caused disease is not distinguish from a flu, just a analysis in the laboratory allows for an accurate diagnosis. Special medication there is not yet, nor a vaccine. The treatment is only symptomatic. Lung inflammation as a result of infection with the novel Coronavirus 17 people have died so far.

Risk für Germany and Europe?

The Foreign office estimates the risk for German travelers in China as a moderate. Travellers should avoid contact with sick people and animals, and to observe particularly careful hand hygiene. The departure from Wuhan is currently not possible, since all the traffic are capped connections. The Chinese authorities are trying in this way to stop the further spread of the Virus. In Germany, no cases of novel Coronavirus are known so far. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the risk of infection for the population in Germany is very low.