Corona-crisis children and young people, particularly

The Lockdown in the Corona-crisis has changed the everyday life of children and young people drastically. How big is this burden on young people was, and is, and what impact this Situation has on the child’s Psyche, explains Prof. Dr. Kathrin Sevecke, Director of the University clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry at the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.

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No more Meetings with friends, no sports club, no visits to the grandparents, and no classes in the school: The everyday life of children and young people has changed in a short time. "The Onerous was not so much the real threat of the Virus, but the subjective threat experience the Kinder", Sevecke says. Often there are more secondary consequences, such as, for example, financial problems of the parents, or a dispute within the family, the perception of children as a threat.

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Particularly burdensome has been the impact of the crisis Sevecke, according to those children who have lost due to the lack of access to social media, the connection to the school and teaching. In addition, there are many young people suffering from the elimination of the safe school environment especially because they live in difficult family situations. "Crises hit the poor, always stärker", according to the expert. Particularly striking is the increased Consuming of illegal substances in the case of those young people who had already consumed prior to the crisis, drug was.

Against this Background, Sevecke argues that schools and child-care facilities, in compliance with the hygiene measures are again driven to a fully operating high, in order to facilitate the Situation for children and families.


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