Busy Philipps, Elaine Welteroth & Ilana Glazer Play Women's Health Word Association

What do you think when you hear the word vagina? We asked Busy Philipps, Elaine Welteroth, and Ilana Glazer what they associate with words such as hymen, abortion, ovaries, and more. As you can imagine, the results were equal parts elucidating and hilarious. “When I learned as a kid that we had three holes,” answers Glazer to our opening question. “How insane and how uneducated are girls and women about their own bodies in this country that I had to learn that I had three holes. I thought I peed out of my vagina.”

The game took a turn when the word “hymen” was pulled with Philipps struggling. “I don’t have any association with hymen, you guys!” For the word nipple, Glazer thought of the breast, which she says, “just makes me happy.” She adds, “I love breasts; I love them all. They are all created equally, and I never met one I didn’t like.”

Pulling out the term “postpartum depression” Welteroth is seen reflecting on her own pregnancy and being grateful that was something she didn’t experience. “Dodged a bullet is what I think because it’s the one thing I didn’t go through,” she says. Welteroth continues with her next word, “sexism,” which she associates with Gloria Steinem because she’s fighting sexism.

“Uterus makes me think of a house,” says Glazer. “More like an Airbnb — open and beautiful and tending to it. Or, if you fill that house, which I did, which was a shocking experience.” The game closes with Philipps pulling the words “ovaries,” which the actress deemed adorable, and the word “abortion,” which she called necessary.

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To see the rest of their word association reactions, watch the video above.

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