Because your cat licked: Australian dies from Meningitis infection

Basically, cats are not a must cute and cuddly and really dangerous, they act anyway. But it can be done differently: In Australia, an older lady at the consequences of a Meningitis died of infection after she was licked by your cat.

According to "The Sun" died in a 80-year-old Australian to the consequences of a Meningitis infection. The dangerous bacteria to &quot of your cat;Minty" transferred to be, as this night, I licked on an open wound for the older lady.

No unknown risk wounds should be reported to the doctor

The woman was regunglos been in your apartment in Melbourne found, next to her the cat was. In the hospital it was 9 days in a coma, she eventually died, however, after the life-saving measures were turned off.

The bacterium called Pasteurella, a normal part of the mouth and respiratory system of cats, it can cause for people are deadly infection.

The Director of infectious diseases at Melbourne’s Austin hospital, Lindsay Grayson, said: "It is very important that you tell your doctor if your cat should scratch or bite." At least once a week, it would be in the hospital for a case of such an infection.

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