Andy Cohen Serenades Daughter Lucy & Her Bright Blue Eyes Light Up

If you woke up to the intrusive blare of an alarm clock this morning, prepare yourself to get thoroughly jealous. Andy Cohen‘s 9-month-old daughter got a personal concert while still wearing her cozy rainbow pajamas. Cohen sweetly sang “Good Morning” to his daughter in a performance that would have made Gene Kelly, who famously sang the song in Singing in the Rain, proud.

“Good morning, good morning, we’ve talked the whole night through, good morning, good morning, to you!” the Bravo producer sang, reciting the first verse.

Lucy’s big blue eyes look mesmerized as she gives her father and the camera an ear-to-ear smile. And don’t even get us started on those deliciously squishy cheeks! You have to stop what you’re doing and watch this video because it is seriously the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

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And we’re not the only ones who think so.

“OMG that face,” comedian Amy Sedaris commented.

“Andy THAT IS THE CUTEST BABY!!!!” actor Jerry O’Connell said.

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“Goodness gracious the sweetness! 😍” actor Amy Phillips said.

“Struggling to accept this amount of cuteness !! 😍😍” actor Casey Rose Wilson wrote.

SAME. And on and on the comments go, because much like model Jenny McCarthy said, people “cannot take this CUTENESS!!!”

Cohen makes it a priority to have special moments just like this with Lucy and her big brother Benjamin, 3. Like many parents, he has admitted to having a hard time giving them equal one-on-one attention.

“Just when I think I’ve had a lot of really quality time with Ben, I have to go to Lucy and sit with her, and I just want to look in her face, and I want her to see me and hear my voice and know that I’m here,” he told PEOPLE. “It’s just about juggling time management with the two of them.”

Luckily, when the juggling gets wobbly, he has a village of celebrity parents that he can (and does!) turn to. He has said he is so grateful for Anderson Cooper and that their kids can grow up together and bond over having gay dads.

“[Cooper and I] are these geriatric patients hobbling around chasing our children, but look — it’s another bonding thing,” Cohen said in an episode of Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi. “I think what is going to be really interesting to us, as it develops, is being gay dads and as our kids start realizing more and more ‘Oh I have gay dads.’”

And now we have to know, will they also bond over having dads who sing to them on the reg? We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on Cooper’s Instagram in the hopes that we get a video of the news anchor serenading Wyatt, 2 and Sebastian, 1 in the near future.

May we suggest “Good Morning Baltimore?”

These celebrity LGBTQ+ families are proving that love is love.

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