30 Common Yoga Poses You Can Practice From Your Living Room

There’s nothing like a lunchtime yoga workout in your living room, especially if you’re stressed and in the middle of a work day, trust me. Yes, a studio class is just what you need sometimes for a good sweat, but you can get an equally awesome at-home yoga workout with really good (and free) Youtube classes, livestreams, books and more. It’s about finding a class or video that’s right amount of challenging for your body and your skill level, one that’s affordable (studios and some memberships are expensive!) and workable with your work, life, me-time balance too.

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Personally, I never go a day without doing yoga as my morning workout to start my day with a grounded mindset. I love what yoga does for me, even more mentally than physically, so I keep up my practice via online classes and sometimes even free outdoor yoga events around my city.

Yoga is super simple: You don’t always need the trendy studios (or their prices) to practice. So that’s why I talked with my friend and certified yoga teacher, Lauren Millea, who was the first one to drag me to a yoga class and who, here, helped our editors break down 30 common and accessible yoga poses that any yogi can emulate for their own relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class. (Note: Some of the poses toward the end of the gallery may be a little more advanced, and could cause strain to your back, neck, or hips, so feel free to modify the poses if you have any pre-existing injuries.)

While some days you might want to sign up for an in-person workout class, it’s good to know that you can get your dose of yoga for free using these 30 GIFs that demonstrate the most common yoga poses you can practice from your living room.

So grab your favorite yoga gear, hydrate, and find your center — because class starts whenever you want it to.

A version of this article was originally published in November 2016.

  • Standing Backbend Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    This beginner-level pose is also called Anuvittasana.

  • Standing Side Stretch

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    The Standing Side Stretch strengthens the abdominal muscles, hips and thigh muscles.

  • Tree Pose

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     The Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, helps strengthen your balance.

  • Bound Angle Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    The Bound Angle Pose is a great hip opener.

  • Standing Forward Bend

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Wake up your hamstrings with the Standing Forward Bend.

  • Seated Forward Bend

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    Also great for your hamstrings, stretch it out with the Seated Forward Bend. 

  • Side Plank Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Strengthen your arms and wrists with this challenging pose.

  • Cat-Cow Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     This pose is a great warm-up to your yoga session.

  • Runner’s Lunge Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Another great warm-up pose, the Runner's Lunge strengthens your arms, back, hips and legs.

  • Warrior I Pose

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     The Warrior I Pose is also called Virabhadrasana I.

  • Warrior II Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Stretch the hips and build strength with the Warrior II Pose.

  • Warrior III Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Build your strength and balance with Warrior III Pose.

  • Eagle Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Eagle Pose targets four things: strength, flexibility, endurance and concentration.

  • Triangle Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     The Triangle Pose engages every part of the body.

  • Reversed Triangle Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    This standing twist will challenge your strength and balance. 

  • Dancer’s Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    Tone and strengthen your leg muscles while opening up the chest with Dancer's Pose.

  • Chair Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Aside from working your legs, Chair Pose stimulates the diaphragm.

  • Chair Twist

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    This standing pose strengthens your hips, butt and thighs.

  • Dolphin Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Strengthen your shoulders with the Dolphin Pose.

  • Chaturanga

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    The Chaturanga, also known as Low Plank, strengthens your arms and wrists. 

  • Pigeon Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     The Pigeon Pose is dubbed the king of hip openers.

  • Modified Pigeon Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Modify the Pigeon Pose if you feel knee pain or pressure.

  • Boat Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     Boat Pose is an ab and deep hip flexor strengthener.

  • Crow Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

     This arm-balancing posture is considered the gateway to arm balances.

  • Headstand

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    Headstand, called the King of Asanas, is usually the first inversion most yoga students learn.

  • Shoulder Stand to Plow

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    Shoulder Stand to Plow is usually done at the end of a yoga class.

  • Yoga Squat with Twist

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    This Yoga Squat with a Twist Pose helps improve the flexibility of the muscles around the spine.

  • Handstand

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    Mastering the Handstand seems daunting, but it's doable.

  • Lotus Pose

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     Open up the hips and stretch the knees and angles with the Lotus Pose.

  • Corpse Pose

    Image Credit: SheKnows.

    This pose, also known as savasana, rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit and is usually done at the end of a class.

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