Your April 2020 Horoscope Is Here, And You Might Have An Internal Struggle

On the 4th, Jupiter conjuncts with Pluto (meaning they’re at approximately the same degree in the sky), and that can stir up new ideas about forming your own business. When Aries season ends and the sun shifts into Taurus on the 19th, you’ll be ready to get outside and do something deliciously simple like walk in the park. The new moon on the 22nd also doubles down on this feeling, making you crave some serious freedom. (Think: outside run in a new area, not impromptu trip to your friend’s house, k?)

Here’s what else your horoscope has in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counselling psychology.


You’ll kick off the month more than ready to live life on your terms—while still hunkering down at home. (A born leader like you will find a way, trust.) Mercury moves into your sign on the 11th, giving you the urge to speak up more than usual. You have thoughts, after all, and there’s no reason why you should have to keep ’em to yourself.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is happening in your house of work, making you mull over what you can do to gain more control over your career. This WFH thing is pretty sweet…maybe you could do it more often? Btw, the sun in Taurus on the 19th and new moon on the 22nd are in your money house. What changes can you make to feel more secure with your cash? Maybe it’s best to spend only on essentials right now (and those five pairs of heels you just bought out of boredom probably don’t count).


Take a deep breath, Taurus, and then… just chill. You’ll be craving some serious rest and relaxation this month and, luckily, you’re gonna get it. That doesn’t mean you’ll be kicking back all month, though. Mars is in a sector of your chart about work, leaving you wondering what, exactly, you need to do to move up the ladder. Also, Venus is in your money house, making you rethink what’s important for you to spend your hard-earned cash on.

The full moon on the 7th is all about balance and finding time to tackle the big items on your to-do list, while still getting necessary sh*t done. At the end of the month, the new moon on the 22nd prepares you to spend some of your resources on investments in your health. Maybe it’s time to look into a Peloton bike after all…


Pretty sweet news for you, Gem: Venus is in your sign and will be hanging out here for four months. That means you’ll be looking good and feeling great, and will have all kinds of opportunities come your way. Basically, life is about to get really, really awesome. Mars also moves into a sector of your chart about knowledge and belief systems, making you reconsider long-held opinions on serious topics.

At the same time, you’ll crave learning more about stuff you have no clue about. You’ll also start thinking about starting something new for yourself, like forming your own company. Don’t hesitate to (virtually) crowdsource friends to help you get things off the ground. After all, a bunch of heads are better than one.


Pretty much everyone and their mom seeks the sweet goal of a work-life balance, and this month you might actually pull it off, thanks to the full moon on the 7th. Yesss! The sun moves into Taurus on the 19th, stirring up an energy about friendships. So, plan to have a group dinner party over FaceTime or schedule drinks with your BFF when you can.

The new moon on the 22nd makes you hyper aware of who’s a good influence in your life and who is just bringing you down. At the same time, you’ll get sudden news from good friends, like a pregnancy or engagement—so get ready to celebrate ?.


Then, the new moon on the 22nd shifts your focus to your career. Do you like how things are going at work, or do you want to mix things up? Speaking of work, things are changing at your job, too. Are you ready for that? The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is in a sector of your chart about health and daily routine, making it the perfect time to get in shape. At-home workouts, FTW!


You’ve got work on the brain, Virgo, and you’ve got Venus in your house of career to thank. It’ll make you wonder how you want to be known on the job front. Expect to have some deep thoughts on whether you still love the work you do, too. If not, how can you make a change?

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 4th makes you mull over whether you could morph your go-to hobby into a full-blown biz. (Something to consider, right?) Mars moves into your house of health, stirring up the desire to gain some knowledge on the exercise front. Maybe it’s time to start logging your at-home workouts to see what kind of progress you’re making—and how to ramp things up a little.


You might be stuck at home right now, Libra, but you won’t be forever. Venus is in a sector of your chart about travel, making it a good time to start planning out your next big vacation. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to do some preliminary research, right?

At the same time, you crave some new knowledge and will want to keep an open mind. Just because you believe one thing doesn’t mean the opposite belief doesn’t have value. Btw, keep tabs on your spending this month. It’s way easier than usual to blow a ton of cash when you’re at home all day.


You’re ready to get in shape, Scorpio, and you’ve got this. You’ll bust out new at-home workouts and find new motivation to achieve your fitness goals (maybe an IG Live video with a trainer will do the trick?). The full moon on the 7th highlights what needs to get done to keep life rolling along smoothly vs. wanting to get away from everything and rejuvenate. So, take a half-day to get stuff done and then give yourself a staycation. You deserve it.

Saturn and Mars in Aquarius will urge you t to make your place a little more comfortable. Just a heads up: If you’re not on the same page with your roommates, you might argue about it. Try to find a middle ground that works for everybody—and still allows you to make your place feel even homier.


You want money, Sag, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is happening in your money house, making you wonder how you can get more of it, so you can do whatever the heck you want. Saturn is in your third house of communication, making you ready to debate over just about anything. Politics? Wheat vs. white bread? Regular or oat milk? You’ve got an opinion on everything.

The sun moves into Taurus on the 19th, making you think more about your daily routine and health. What can you do to be even healthier? The new moon on the 22nd will have you double down even more—you’ll be all kinds of ready to take the healthy living plunge.


Sometimes in life, you’ve just gotta put your head down and get ‘er done. This is one of those moments, Cap, and it’s all thanks to Venus in Gemini entering your house of work, health, and daily routine on the 3rd. What’s most important to you RN, and how can you make it happen?

The full moon on the 7th highlights your house of career. Is this what you want to be known for, or should you start thinking about making a move? Saturn and Mars are in your house of money, making you crave more of the green stuff. What else can you learn to help you earn a little more?


You want what you want—and you’re going to get it, Aquarius. It’s all thanks to Mars and Saturn in your sign, which are pushing you to get yours. Someone tries to stand in your way? Nuh-uh. Not having it.

The full moon on the 7th is in your house of communication and knowledge, making you wonder about what you don’t know. Can you pick up some online courses through work, or use podcasts to help expand your knowledge base? Now is the time to look into it. The new moon on the 22nd is in your house of home and family, so get ready to feel super comfortable and cosy at yours. Create a space you love, kick back, and just ~chill~.


You’re all about doing people a solid this month, Pisces. You’ll help out an elderly neighbour or family member who can’t get out much by doing grocery runs and regular check-ins. At the same time, you’ll be motivated to understand a little more about what makes you tick. Try to take some time to meditate every morning and spend some time with just you and your thoughts. You’ll be surprised by what you discover.

The full moon on the 7th is in your house of money—are you getting back what you put out on the financial front? Yeah… you’re not covering the next takeout run. The new moon on the 22nd is in your house of communication, urging you to say what’s on your mind. If other people can’t handle the truth, well, that’s not your issue.

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