Why are increasing Corona cases in slaughterhouses? Drosten makes a new guess

Finally, the reports of Corona cases in battle increased, not only in Germany. Many people worry and puzzle over the reasons for this. Virologist Christian Drosten has a guess, and may explain why meat-consumers not to be concerned with.

After a very high number of corona infected employees a few days ago, the Western meat-slaughterhouse in Coesfeld had been closed in the münsterland region. On Monday, the meat establishment has been closed in Dissen. There were found to be 92 out of 278 people tested Coronavirus infections.

Corona meat products?

This sparked a discussion about the prices for meat in the trade, but reassuring the customer. Could be transferred to the Coronavirus on meat products?

Virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité hospital in Berlin can calm down. "I think this is not kritisch", he said in the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" on Tuesday. "The meat is stored a all the time, and such viruses are not very stable." At the latest at the time of preparation of the Virus was not completely eliminated.   

However, he does also rise registered that worldwide, the number of the Corona infected by the slaughterhouse staff. "You have to consider whether these are really only the precarious living conditions of the employees, so that all this takes place at the place of residence, or whether there is another factor pure plays." dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa-pool/dpa , Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Ambient temperatures in slaughterhouses "you would have to change untersuchen"

Both of the affected farms were supplied from the same service provider with personnel. The people mostly from Poland and Romania and were in individual and collective accommodation. The osnabrück Department of health have reviewed all of the accommodations. A two-week quarantine has been arranged for the positively Tested and the contact persons.

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Drosten indicates in slaughterhouses to prevailing ambient temperatures, the "you would have to change untersuchen". He knew that there is a certain distance between the staff will be adhered to, but this observe is "is not always possible." In the premises Mr cold temperatures &quot want to but;and I imagine there always been more to the question of whether this high level of transfer activities don’t show something, what we experience in the Winter, otherwise widely."

Of Corona affected meat establishments to take up production again

In short: At colder temperatures, the Coronavirus is transmitted better. This circumstance should be investigated in these special cases, the affected slaughterhouses closer. "I have found no evidence or data in the Literatur", to Drosten, although, "I think, however, that you have to look at the now time." Him the subject of &quot do;at least once carefully."

After a more than week-long forced break due to the many Corona-infections the company West meat had concluded on Tuesday with the test operating in your factory in Coesfeld successfully.

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