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There is an Addiction to video games?

Can video games or computer games have actually become a serious Addiction? A recent study suggests this surmise, however, seems to be the majority of the game to be persons not at risk to develop an Addiction to video games.

In the current investigation, the research group of Professor Sarah Coyne of Brigham Young University, it was found that people can develop very well play a true Addiction to video. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Developmental Psychology”.

Video entertainment play only?

For most Adolescents, Playing video games is only a pleasant and often even social Form of entertainment. Although video games are a entertaining pastime, but grows in the society, the concern that too much video-games have spent time negative impact on the development and lead to an Addiction.

90 percent of people play just for the fun of it

The six-year-long study (the longest study that has been conducted on video game addiction) revealed that about 90 percent of the game for the people not a way to play that is not harmful for you, or to follow negative long-term results. However, there is also a minority of people, which is quite of video games dependent on the. As a result, then mental, social and behavioural problems can arise.

What was the aim of the investigation?

“The aim of the study was to investigate the long-term effects of a particular relationship to video games and to analyze what effect this relationship has on a Person in the course of time,” says study author Professor Sarah Coyne of Brigham Young University in a press release from the University.

Participating questionnaires had to answer

To measure the predictors and outcomes of video game addiction, the research group studied 385 young people in their Transition to adulthood. Each individual participant filled out over a period of six years once per year several questionnaires. With the help of these questionnaires for Depression, anxiety, Aggression, delinquency, empathy, prosocial behaviour, shyness, sensory reactivity, financial Stress, and problematic mobile phone were measured use.

When can be referred to the Games as Addiction?

Pathological video game play through the use of excessive time spent Playing video games, difficulties to disengage from the Play and interference of the common (inter-)human Behaviour due to gambling.

About ten percent of the people are addicted

About ten percent of people fall into the category of pathological video gaming. In comparison to the non-pathological group, the Participants with higher levels of Depression, Aggression, shyness, problematic phone had use and Anxiety in adulthood. These effects could be observed, although the groups to the original date had to be truncated in all of these variables equally well. This suggests that video games may have played in those negative outcomes is an important role, explain the researchers.

Risk factors for video game addiction

There are two main risk factors for the video have been identified, the game is looking for: to be male and to have a low level of prosozialem behavior. A higher level of prosozialem behavior and / or voluntary commitment to the benefit of, another Person, tends to be a protective factor against addiction symptoms, report the researchers.

What is the impact of many years of video games on people?

Apart from the risk factors, three different histories of the video game were observed consumption. 72 per cent of the adolescents had in the six years of data collection, relatively little symptoms of Addiction. A further 18 per cent of the young people started with moderate symptoms that have not been modified in the course of time, only ten percent of the young people showed in the course of the study, increasingly pathological gambling symptoms.

Conclusion of the study:

The results of the study indicate that about 90 percent of the game play people in a way which dysfunctional or harmful to the life of the Individual. There are, however, a considerable minority of people that are really video games-dependent, and in the course of the time under addiction symptoms suffering. (as)