In order to promote holidays in Germany: Söder vouchers will be distributed to citizens

The Coronavirus pandemic concerns also in Germany medicine, politics, tourism and society: More than four million people already infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2, 174.772 of them in Germany.

Söder wants to distribute holiday vouchers to citizens

In the light of the Corona-crisis, the CSU is proposing this year a financial support of holiday in Germany. With financial incentives in the summer months, you could bring “a bit of relief for the industry, but also joy for the people,” said CSU leader Markus Söder on Monday in front of a video switch of the CSU Executive Board in Munich. Conceivable holiday were either vouchers or a tax deductibility – it is relatively open. Söder pleaded for a promotion “especially for those who do not have so much money, so something not so can afford it”. And many people could afford only a little.

Söder showed himself sceptical about holiday possibilities in neighboring European countries, and distanced itself from foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). He was very cautious in that regard. “I can’t believe how Heiko Maas, that it is so easy, that today we can pretend to have plans that we are in a month in Italy or in Spain or in France,” said Söder. “None of these countries has announced at the Moment, the accordingly. In this respect, we should not rush ahead.“ You move on very thin ice.

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