Trainer Anna Victoria 'Isn't Concerned' About Weight Gain During Pregnancy: 'I’ve Gained 25 Lbs'

Throughout her pregnancy, Victoria has modified her workout regimen, doing simplified workouts and ditching the weights for just body weight movements. She is also staying away from doing movements that require lying on her back.

However, the social media star has still received backlash from followers who think she shouldn’t be working out.

"I recently got this comment in regards to me working out while pregnant, ‘Go swimming. Don’t hurt your baby. Those bends are not good. Enjoy pregnancy and stop being so concerned about your appearance….’ ” Victoria wrote on Instagram in June. "And here’s what I have to say to that: Who says working out means you’re only concerned with your appearance?"

"Here’s what I *am* concerned about,” Victoria added, before listing off a few of the ways pregnancy and childbirth can affect the body, like diastasis recti, when the abdominal muscles separate, pelvic floor dysfunction and general aches and pains of pregnancy.

"Whoever said working out means you only care about your appearance was greatly mistaken, especially when it comes to working out in pregnancy since the benefits are numerous," she said. "I’m also not claiming working out is the answer to all pregnancy woes, there’s SO much more at play than that, but if it helps and you’re physically able, why not try?"

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