Shedding HEAPS Of Hair Since Lockdown Started? There’s A Logical Reason Why

But before you start freaking that there might be something really wrong, there’s likely a logical reason why you’re losing a little more than usual these days.

Introducing: cumulative hair shedding.

Considering human interaction IRL is basically forbidden these days (cheers, ScoMo!) it’s totally understandable if you’ve let your wash, brush and blow-dry routine fall by the waist side. But here’s the thing: less beautifying means more build-up when you finally get around to showering.

“If you cut down on your weekly washes when you do wash, expect to see more lost hairs,” Jane Mayhead MIT (Institute of Trichologists), Trichologist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street says in an interview with Cosmo UK.

“The reason for this is simply that hair sheds daily but in varying amounts. It can become trapped together and then when you wash the hairs are released, particularly with conditioners making the hair slippery and untangled.”

This begs the question… how much should you actually be seeing circling the drain?

“If you shampoo daily you can expect to see around 80 strands coming out (with the rest being lost throughout the day),” Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley adds. “If you shampoo every 3 days, you may see 3 days’ worth of hair fall at once – maybe 250-280 hairs – depending on how often you are brushing or styling your hair in-between washes.”

It’s also worth keeping in mind that your scalp – just like your skin – needs TLC to thrive.

“Rule of thumb: Treat your scalp with similar care to the skin on your face. Your scalp is, after all, simply an extension of the skin on your forehead,” says Anabel. “Over-time infrequent shampooing can cause scalp problems, which in turn can lead to hair problems. Your scalp is your hair’s support system, so it’s important to keep it clean and healthy.”

Main takeaway? Keep up your weekly wash – even if no one is around to appreciate it. And, as always, consult with your GP if something doesn’t feel right.

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